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Why Continuing Education Is Crucial to Advancing a Career in Healthcare

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There are few things more gratifying and purposeful than having a career in healthcare. No matter your reasons for pursuing such a career, there is no denying that you are making a difference with every decision you make. That said, a career in healthcare cannot be adequately pursued without a keen interest in education – and a desire to further your credentials.

While many other fields might have you pursuing a degree, when it is finished, you typically do not have to worry about going for extra credentials. However, working in a healthcare career is all about maintaining your education.

Keeping things current

While there are some industries out there which are relatively static and do not necessarily change with time, healthcare is not one of them. It is a business landscape that regularly makes improvements alongside modern technology, which is why CE credits are so crucial.

After all, just because a healthcare professional is certified does not mean that there isn’t more to learn when it comes to the human body. There are always new and better ways to improve healthcare, no matter which stage you are at.

A fitting example would be the success rate when it comes to coronary heart disease. So many improvements have been made over the past two decades that the fatality rate has dropped by almost 40 per cent. It is due to new drugs and technologies that such improvements are possible, and only through CE credits will help healthcare professionals stay on track.

What exactly are CE credits?

CE stands for continued education, and it is the reason why healthcare professionals can stay on top of just about every medical situation. It bridges the gap between knowledge obtained before and knowledge currently being researched, which is why continuing education through a nursing leadership certification is crucial.

Without it, most healthcare professionals would be unable to work effectively with new technologies. By going for continued education, not only will you acquire more certifications – which translates to more opportunities – but it also shows how much room there is to grow no matter how far you go.

Moving forward

If you want to forge towards a leadership position in the healthcare industry, it is all about earning certifications. While some might see it as tiring and frustrating, for most healthcare professionals, there is no better feeling than to be kept up to date with all the medical advancements. It means that you are always making progress no matter the situation. It might not be the most stress-free of career choices, but it is undoubtedly a gratifying experience that is worth pursuing.


Continued education is vital in a healthcare career due to the advancements being made in technology. Healthcare is more effective and exciting than ever before, and you will undoubtedly have plenty of opportunities as you acquire more CE credits and certifications for a health career.

Wendy Whitehead worked as a teaching assistant at two special needs schools in London before embarking on a different career as a marketing consultant.

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