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Consumer Briefing Unveils Key Insights into Food, Nutrition, Impact on Mental Health and Digestive Well-Being

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ResearchAndMarkets.com has recently published the comprehensive “Consumer Briefing 2023: Food, Nutrition, and Health” report, which marks the 10th year of their unique five-country consumer survey. This annual report serves as a reliable resource for understanding long-term changes in consumer beliefs and behaviours regarding food, nutrition, and health in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Spain, and Brazil.

The 2023 edition of the report features several key findings:

  • There is a growing consumer interest in reducing the intake of ultra-processed foods, with Spain witnessing a particularly strong surge in this trend.
  • Consumers are increasingly focused on consuming nutrient-dense foods, with Brazil and Spain leading the way.
  • Eating habits that promote hormonal health are becoming more prevalent, with 8% of consumers adopting this emerging behaviour.
  • Avoidance of seed oils is another emergent trend, with 6% of consumers expressing concern – a significant increase from almost zero in 2019.
  • The popularity of low-carb eating and reducing meat consumption appears to be levelling off. The meat-reducing trend even saw a slight decline between 2021 and 2022.

The annual survey presents its findings through 84 informative charts, accompanied by brief summaries and explanations. The data is analyzed to compare countries, examine the impact of gender and age, and highlight the differences compared to previous years.

Over the years, the researchers have refined their methodology to accurately explore consumers’ eating habits, the foods they avoid, and their reasons for doing so. This approach allows them to track long-term changes and identify emergent trends, evolving patterns, and stalled behaviours.

The consumer survey report is available in both PDF and PowerPoint formats, allowing users to incorporate the charts into their own presentations. The survey is based on interviews with 2,605 consumers, with an equal representation from the US, UK, Australia, Spain, and Brazil.

Key topics covered in the report include:

  1. Overview of the survey
  2. Summary of findings
  3. How consumers are eating
  4. Sources of consumer information on food and health
  5. Carbohydrate consumption trends
  6. Sugar intake patterns
  7. Protein consumption habits
  8. Fat intake behaviours
  9. Digestive wellness concerns
  10. The connection between food, mood, and mental health

ResearchAndMarkets.com is the world’s foremost source for international market research reports and market data. They provide the latest information on international and regional markets, key industries, leading companies, new products, and current trends.


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