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Conference on Intersex Social Sciences, University of Bologna, Italy


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Call for panel submissions

This two-day conference provides a multidisciplinary forum for the further development of social science approaches to intersex and variations of sex characteristics. Sociological, anthropological, political science, philosophical, psychological and other approaches are all crucial for developing knowledge that centres the experiences and insights of intersex people and those with variations of sex characteristics. A commitment to fostering positive Intersex activist and academic alliances lies at the heart of this conference.

People born with intersex variations (medically referred to with the controversial term ‘DSD’ (Disorders of Sex Development)) are born with diversities in their sex characteristics that are perceived to fall outside the socially-constructed norms for the male and female body. The medical treatment of these variations has raised criticism from intersex people themselves, as well as many international bodies.

This conference will highlight and develop human rights approaches to intersex and variations of sex characteristics. It will foreground emerging theoretical frameworks and concepts that support intersex human rights, including the social model of intersex health, and notions of intersex citizenship. The conference will provide space for understanding the wide range of strategies used by intersex advocates and human rights defenders. We will also address the day-day lived experiences of intersex people and those with variations of sex characteristics.

This event is the final project conference of a two-year EU-funded Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship that conducted qualitative research in Italy, the UK and Switzerland on Intersex, Citizenship and Human Rights 

The conference is taking place in the beautiful historic city of Bologna. It will be conducted in English with subtitles in Italian for keynote presentations. Multilingual facilitators will be available for discussions where possible.

Panel themes can include:

  • Human rights;
  • Legal aspects;
  • Activism, politics, and policy reform;
  • Healthcare institutions;
  • The experiences and issues of children, young people, families, and older people;
  • Alliances with LGBT activists;
  • Terminology and de-pathologisation;
  • Historical and/or philosophical analysis relevant to the contemporary situation;
  • Perspectives from the Global South;
  • Citizenship;
  • Social theory

Panel proposals should include 3–4 papers (total time for each session 90 minutes) and they will include a brief overall abstract, plus abstracts for each paper (total maximum 1000 words).

Deadline for panel submission is 31 October 2017. Please send panel proposals to Daniela Crocetti and Surya Monro on daniela.crocetti@unibo.it and s.monro@hud.ac.uk. Conference registration will also open on 31 October 2017. We are in the process of building the conference website (including details about subsidised hotel accommodation).

People presenting papers at the conference will have the opportunity to have their work considered for inclusion in a Special Edition of an international journal (details TBC).

The final conference fees are to be confirmed but we anticipate a sliding scale ranging from approximately 100 EUR to 300 EUR (depending on whether delegates have institutional backing). There will be some free places for intersex activists and for students from the Universities of Huddersfield and Bologna.

Confirmed keynote presentations

  • Daniela Truffler and Markus Bauer, Founding Members of the Swiss Intersex Human Rights Organisation, Zwischengeshclecht.
  • Holly Greenberry, Co-Founder, Intersex UK.
  • Irene Kuzemko, Association of Russian-Speaking Intersex.
  • Daniela Crocetti, Surya Monro and Tracey Yeadon-Lee (University of Huddersfield), reporting on the Intersex Citizenship and Human Rights project.

Conference organisers 

  • Dr Daniela Crocetti, Senior Research Fellow, University of Huddersfield, UK.
  • Professor Surya Monro, Professor of Sociology and Director the Centre for Research in the Social Sciences (CRISS), University of Huddersfield, UK.
  • Dr Tracey Yeadon-Lee, senior Lecturer of Sociology, University of Huddersfield, UK.
  • Professor Roberto Brigati, Professor of Moral Philosophy, University of Bologna, Italy.
  • Professor Raffaella Campaner, Professor of Philosophy of Science, University of Bologna, Italy.

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