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A Complete Guide on Low EMF Infrared Sauna Blanket

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Without a doubt, a sauna blanket is very beneficial for physical and mental health. For instance, it works incredibly for severe stress and muscle soreness. However, as it’s connected to electronic devices, there is a risk of exposing a high level of EMF (electromagnetic field), which is not safe. That’s why people have started using the low EMF infrared sauna blanket. If you are planning to purchase a sauna blanket in the near future, then ensure it features low EMF. Keep on reading to discover the reasons. 

What is a low EMF infrared sauna? 

When electricity is involved, then it’s significant to know about the level of EMF as it contains the flow of current. One must be aware of every kind of electrical appliance, including a sauna blanket. 

A Low EMF sauna blanket means having a small amount of emf while operating. Therefore, you will experience a low current which keeps you safe for longer hours. 

4 Factors to consider when selecting the best infrared sauna blanket

  • EMF level. It’s crucial to consider the level of EMF radiation level when making a purchase as it has a negative impact on the human body. Earlier sauna blankets used to come with zero EMF, but no EMF is a part of saunas. The more low-level EMF blanket you will purchase, the more benefits you will derive.
  • Maximum heat capacity.  The next thing that one should be certain about is the amount of heat the infrared sauna blanket can produce. However, infrared saunas usually don’t require a large amount of heat. But what should you keep in mind? Be clear in your mind that saunas that generate high temperatures easily are reliable to use as they make the heat therapy process effective and faster.
  • Temperature and time control. One sauna blanket allows you to set a specific temperature that is right for your body. On the contrary, one allows you to start increasing temperature gradually till the point of your comfort. Both types of sauna blankets have the time control feature, which makes it easy for the users as they can set a particular amount of time while using.
  • Comfortable relaxation and easy to assemble. People have a sauna sleeping bag at their homes to relish the spacious yet comfy vibes which they can’t get in the normal heat therapies. You lay down in a relaxed position and let the sauna blanket work for you. With only one session, one feels a great decline in the stress and body packed with immense energy. 

Pros of investing in today’s saunas

  • It’s available in the low emf carbon fiber far infrared heaters
  • Also available with 100 percent natural wood, mainly hemlock wood
  • Can avail of the remote control option
  • Also, take advantage of temperature control
  • Easy to assemble

Wrapping up 

Sauna blankets are a great choice to reduce anxiety, stress, depression, and also many physical issues. It’s one of the recommended heat therapies to experience faster results. However, always ensure to buy the low EMF saunas as they are good yet safe for humans to use. Also, keep other factors in mind, which are discussed above, to get the best sauna blanket.

Helen Bradfield did her degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh. She has an ongoing interest in mental health and well-being.

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