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Commuting by E-Bike May Decrease Stress, Enhance Focus and Productivity, Claim Health Experts

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The demand for easier, more sustainable commuting in the UK is evident, as “e-bikes” see a staggering 201,000 searches per month, on average, with searches for “electric bikes for adults” also increasing by 313% in the last year.

As the population seemingly looks to adapt to this newer alternative to travel, the e-bike company, Mycle, speaks to Dr Becky Spelman, psychologist and founder at Private Therapy Clinic about the health benefits on both children and parents of e-bike commuting.

Dr Spelman says that riding an e-bike first thing in the morning can boost energy levels by “increasing blood flow, releasing endorphins, and stimulating the body and mind.”

For the person pedalling, she claims the physical activity can “improve alertness, focus, and mood, setting a positive tone for the day ahead.”

Commuting by e-bike can enhance both focus and productivity, according to Dr Spelman. She says this occurs “by providing a combination of exercise, fresh air, and mental stimulation. Physical activity and exposure to natural surroundings can increase alertness, improve mood, and reduce stress.”

She claims you can even expect enhanced cognitive function and productivity throughout the day, which is needed as many people carry out sedentary office jobs and long school days.

As children under the age of 14 can’t legally ride an e-bike but can be passengers, their benefits will differ from those of the rider. “For children, riding an e-bike can help improve coordination, balance, and physical fitness,”  says Dr Spelman.

“For adults, e-biking is a great cardio workout, good for stress relief, and a convenient mode of transportation. Whether you’re a child or an adult, riding an e-bike is generally great for your well-being,” she adds.

Not only can this alternative mode of travel benefit your mental and physical health, but Dr Spelman claims it is likely to build strong bonds between parents and children.

“Commuting by e-bike with your child is a great bonding opportunity, it encourages them to enjoy an active lifestyle and creates lasting memories. Sharing the experience of exploring together can strengthen your relationship and create a sense of adventure,” she concludes.

Michael Wooldridge, co-founder of Mycle, comments, “E-bikes, such as the cargo bike, aren’t just for seasoned cyclists, but for the everyday commuter looking to carry out their food shop, school run, or work commute. It’s great to see qualified psychologists acknowledge the benefits of e-bikes on health and well-being for both adults and children, that go beyond its sustainability commendations. As e-bikes become more accessible for multi-passenger travel, we hope to see them used more by families.”

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