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Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries and the Damages You Can Claim

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One moment, you’re enjoying the thrill and adventure of a motorcycle ride and the next, it can turn into a heart-wrenching nightmare. Take a ride down Interstate 41, and you’ll find yourself facing a higher chance of enduring severe injuries in a motorcycle crash. The rural roads of Milwaukee present their own set of hazards, too, with dimmer lights and more twists and turns than your typical highways and interstates.

Motorcycle accidents often cause life-altering injuries. That said, insurance providers are often inclined to dispute your claim and minimize your compensation. If you live in Milwaukee and have sustained injuries in a motorcycle accident, working with a motorcycle accident law firm in Milwaukee ensures you get fair compensation for your expenses.

Common Milwaukee accident injuries

Motorcycle accidents in Wisconsin have been on the rise, with over 2000 motorcycle crashes witnessed each year. More than 1800 of these crashes result in injuries. While you can attribute these crashes to poor road designs, they could also be caused by distracted, drowsy, speeding, and aggressive drivers.

Riding in inclement weather may also place you at risk. Decreased visibility during such periods increases the likelihood of motorists losing control and causing accidents. The winding rural roads in Milwaukee do not make things any better.

If you get knocked off your motorcycle on I-41, you may sustain injuries like multiple broken bones, back and neck injuries, traumatic brain injury, severe skin abrasions, or soft-tissue injuries. Failure to wear protective gear like helmets increases the risk of head trauma, neck injury, or even death.

Motorcycle accidents can also cause internal bleeding or organ damage. You might also sustain spinal cord injuries that hinder your mobility and lead to paralysis. Understanding the scope of these injuries is crucial when you seek compensation. A motorcycle accident law firm in Milwaukee can walk you through the healing process and support your claim.

Which damages can you pursue after a motorcycle accident?

Motorcycle accidents can leave you with extreme losses. For one, medical bills and other treatment costs are relatively expensive, whether you seek treatment at Ascension St. Francis Hospital or Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center in Milwaukee. Besides, your motorcycle might have experienced significant damage from the collision.

Worrying about these losses can weigh you down and slow your recovery. Find a reputable motorcycle accident law firm to help you obtain fair compensation for your injuries.

Multiple factors determine the compensation you are likely to receive, including:

  • How severe are your injuries?
  • Who was at fault?
  • How much have you spent on medical expenses?
  • What insurance policy does the liable party have?
  • What financial losses have you accrued after the accident?

Medical expenses

After a motorcycle accident, you may face a long road to recovery. The recovery process comes with significant medical bills that can take a toll on you. You can seek compensation for these expenses with the help of a motorcycle accident law firm.

Tell your lawyer about the extent of your injuries and your treatment. Mention the time you’ve spent in the hospital and the possibility of rehab and therapy. If you anticipate other procedures in the future, include the anticipated medical bills in your claim.

Armed with this information, your lawyer can seek compensation for all the money you’ve spent.

Lost wages

Motorcycle accident injuries can keep you away from work. Besides, you might need extensive time off work before returning to your normal tasks. The accident will inevitably dent your earning potential.

Your personal injury lawyer will use your tax records and documentation from your employer to bolster your case. They’ll also include expert testimony to determine the value of your lost wages.

Pain and suffering

How has the accident affected you? What suffering have you faced? Talk to your attorney about the physical and emotional distress you’ve endured. Mention any opportunities you have missed and the loss of independence. While it might be difficult to quantify pain and suffering, your personal injury lawyer can expertly include it in your claim.

Seek help fighting insurance companies

Dealing with insurance providers after a motorcycle accident isn’t always easy. Many insurance providers have a bias against motorcycle riders and work hard to downplay your compensation.

Partnering with a motorcycle accident law firm will help you take the fight to the insurer. Experienced personal injury lawyers understand strategies that insurance companies often deploy. You’ll get the support needed to resolve your claim positively.

Don’t go all alone! Let the experts guide you through the process and maximize your ability to recover compensation.

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