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What Are the Common Misconceptions About Moving and Professional Movers?

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Relocating is the most overwhelming, complex and stressful event of life. You have to complete the entire task in a short duration making you feel like you never have a moment to rest. Luckily, you can make this task easier by working with reliable moving companies. But when it comes to moving, there are numerous numbers of misconceptions available out there and these misconceptions can lead to damages, several mistakes, loss of items or anything wrong. The leading moving service platform, movingapt.com clears all your misconceptions in this post.

It’s always cheaper to move yourself 

Most people consider that hiring movers are always more expensive than moving by yourself. But do you know you have to sometimes pay higher when moving by yourself? Sum up all the different costs later at the end of the process then you will get to know moving is not always a cheaper option. 

The reason behind it is the hidden expenses that are present during the process because common people don’t have the right tools, techniques, and equipment and they have to hire this equipment on rental which ends up costing more at the end of the process. Estimate the cost by considering all the hidden costs of the move-by-yourself process and then decide which one would be a better option for you. Sometimes hiring movers, or a truck rental could be a better option than this.  

All movers are scammers 

According to www.threemovers.com, all the movers are not scammers and offer the same kind of services. But this is completely wrong, all the moving companies are completely different which means they provide different services at different costs. Some companies are always better than others. Compare all the companies following the rates, quality of services and experience of the company and so on. 

So, all moving companies are unique and you have to select the best one out of the heap according to your needs and requirements. 

Movers usually break the stuff 

The most common myth about movers is that when they are involved in the shifting, then they usually break your stuff while packing or loading the same. People have some items that are very valuable and fragile in nature, and these are to be handled with utmost care. 

People think that movers will not pay much attention and care to their items. But the truth is something else. If you hire a professional and experienced moving company to reallocate your belongings, then these companies will definitely take care of your possessions. 

Moreover, they have a reputation to protect, so they work properly. They have good experience in handling the stuff and have the proper tools and equipment to keep the items protected during transportation of all the stuff. 

The best time to move is during the weekends

Most people think that weekends are the best time to move as these days, there is no need to go to work and you will have free time to organize the possessions in your new apartment. But the reality is that the weekends are the busiest days for the moving companies and if you tend to move on these days, it will cost you more. Sometimes movers are so equipped with the bookings, that you even may not find any moving company for shifting your items.

Also, if you choose to move on the weekends then you might have to pay higher because at that time, there is less availability of movers and they don’t offer any kind of discounts.

Shifting is exhausting and stressful

One of the misconceptions about moving is that the procedure of shifting stuff is very exhausting and stressful. As it involves various tasks such as packing, loading, unloading, and organizing the possessions. But if the whole moving process is properly planned and divided into small tasks, then you will not face any issues while moving. You can also make a checklist of the items to be carried out and tasks to be performed. Also, start the process of packing several days before the actual moving date, so that there is no chaos on the day of shifting.

If you start the process earlier then you can easily handle all the tasks along with your normal routine. Apart from that, you can hire moving professionals to handle the tasks and can easily complete the task without any stress and frustration. You can also take help from your friends and family members to make the process easier and stress-free. 

Wrapping it all up

It is always important to get the right facts so that you can have a smoother and an efficient move. Apart from these above misconceptions, there are countless numbers other myths present out there which could make you regret your moving decision later. So, it is better to know the real facts so that you can have a good moving experience. Are you ready for the move now?

Helen Bradfield did her degree in psychology at the University of Hertfordshire. She has is interested in mental health, wellness, and lifestyle. 

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