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5 Common Instances of Wrongful Death: Knowing When to File a Lawsuit

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Wrongful death

Death is an unfortunate event that affects the lives of everyone left behind. However, sudden death is even more impactful, as friends and family left behind are burdened with more than just the loss of their loved one and the unfairness of the situation. In instances of wrongful death, it is always best to consult an experienced wrongful death attorney when recovering the damages of losing your loved one. If you are not entirely sure if your case constitutes a wrongful death lawsuit, we have listed five common wrongful death cases with help from Michael Ehline, a lawyer in Los Angeles, California.

Car accidents

Suppose your loved one’s death was the direct result of a road accident caused by the negligence of the responsible party; you are legally entitled to claim for damages. Road accidents are, unfortunately, a leading cause of wrongful death. Whether your loved one was the breadwinner in the household or contributed to the household’s income partially, you can claim for this loss. In addition to the loss of income, you can claim pain and suffering, referred to as emotional distress damages.

Medical malpractice

Medical malpractice is a daunting thought, as we tend to trust healthcare practitioners wholeheartedly. Unfortunately, if a healthcare practitioner makes a mistake that leads to a patient’s death, the impact can be undeniably traumatising for those left behind. Whether the cause of death is misdiagnosis, surgical error, or even a wrong medication script, the deceased’s family can rightfully claim compensation through a wrongful death lawsuit.

Work-related accidents

Work-related accidents are prevalent, and even though death is a bit less common than injuries, wrongful death cases are often filled for incidents that took place at work. Suppose your loved one’s death was due to a work-related injury; you can file a wrongful death lawsuit as the employer should have taken measures to ensure the work environment is suitably safe for employees. However, work-related wrongful death instances can also refer to cases in which an employee has worked a lengthy shift that does not abide by work laws and is involved in a car accident on the way home due to sheer exhaustion. 

Defective products

Defective products usually only lead to false advertising lawsuits and other less severe cases. However, a defective product can cause the death of a consumer. This instance made headlines when Juul’s electronic tobacco concentrates led to several consumers’ hospitalisation and death.

Although aviation accidents are significantly less common than road accidents, the impacts of an aviation accident can leave tonnes of passengers seriously harmed or dead. If your loved one was on a flight and a mechanical issue led to a plane crash, you could file a wrongful death lawsuit to recover damages, including pain and suffering.


When filing a wrongful death lawsuit, your claim will be directed at the negligent party. Therefore, if your loved one died in an aviation accident, you must direct your claim to the airline. However, it is best to rely on an expert attorney to help you navigate the process of recovering damages and seeking justice for the unfortunate loss of your loved one.

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