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5 Common Dental Concerns Parents May Have About Their Children

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For parents, the overall well-being of their child is the biggest priority. Parents make sure that their students are fit and fine, including the child’s dental health. A parent is consulted about tummy aches to shabby knees, but in between this, oral health can fly under the radar sometimes. This negligence can leave you with multiple concerns and questions as well. Therefore, it is important to address the oral health of your child, as a healthy smile is very crucial. As a smart parent, try to address the concerns as early as possible with the help of common dental worries mentioned below that you might look for in your child. 

Teeth development 

The development of teeth is a natural process. This takes place in kids when they are six months old. This time becomes very challenging for both the baby and the parents. Children need special attention during their teething. To understand when teething is taking place, look for symptoms like swollen gum, redness around the gum, irritability, and a tendency to bite or chew on objects. To get teething relief, offer a chilled teething ring to them, which they can chew safely, rub the child’s gum gently with clean fingers and no nails, or consult with an expert if needed. You can also talk to a pediatric dentist in Baltimore for professional advice. Not only this but always remember to clean your baby’s gum with a super soft, dank cloth to prevent bacteria buildup.

Thumb sucking 

Any baby, while facing teething, starts sucking their thumbs. There is no doubt that thumb-sucking or pacifier provides a sense of security and comfort. However, it can be harmful in the long run. As parents, it is important not to let your kid use pacifiers and thumb suckers beyond 2–4 years, as it can lead to major dental issues. This can affect the development of the jaw and positioning of the teeth and can cause bite problems. So, to stop and avoid this, you can slowly stop the use of a pacifier under the guidance of your dentist. Moreover, you can also distract the attention of the child by providing them with their favorite toys and games. Not only this, use the power of positive reinforcement and praise them for not sucking their thumbs or pacifiers. If in case, nothing is helping you out, then consult a dentist. 


Early childhood cavities are a common thing in children. In official terms, it is known as Early Childhood Caries, and it develops in children because of various reasons like consumption of chocolates, not brushing teeth properly, and poor oral hygiene. But don’t worry, as cavities are treatable. But, if, as parents, you are looking for prevention, ask your child to brush their teeth twice, stop consuming sugary drinks or snacks before bed, and wipe your baby’s gum with a clean cloth if they are not capable of brushing. In addition, do not forget to go for regular dental visits. 

Brushing habits

If asked by parents about their daily battles with children, they will definitely say brushing. Getting toddlers to brush every day, that too twice a day is a task for parents. But, establishing a good oral hygiene habit is also crucial. So, to encourage good dental habits in children, make their brushing process fun. Bring them flavored toothpaste and colorful toothbrushes. Become an example and ask them to brush along with you. Take the help of songs and poems to help them brush. Last but not least, start a rewarding system whenever they brush consistently. 

First dental visit

For parents, it is confusing when to book the first dental visit of their newborn. The answer is either on the birth of the first tooth or on your child’s first birthday. Both these times are best as they give enough idea to the dentist about the oral hygiene of the child and help them in identifying potential issues before it’s too late. Make sure that you ask all the questions and clear all the doubts during the visit to make future visits less tense. 

Good dental health is as important as a good physique or eye sight. As parents it is your responsibility to look after your child’s oral health. Promote regular dental visits and foster good dental habits in your children and help them develop a beautiful and healthy smile.

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