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If you own a gym, you’ll know that keeping it clean for your customers is really important. Providing a clean and safe environment for people to exercise and work out ensures people keep coming back to your gym.

If you’re in London, you’ll want to stick around to the end of this article. We have a spot of shameless self-promotion for our excellent commercial gym cleaning services. Just before that, though, we have a few FAQs about gym cleaning, which you may find helpful.

How often should a gym be cleaned?

Global research on cleanliness in public gyms recommends that you have a gym deep cleaned at least every two weeks. This ensures the gym and all of the equipment remain free from any contamination and ensures that no bacteria or viruses stay on the equipment for any length of time.

It is also a good idea to have daily cleaning sessions in your gym. These are not as thorough as a deep clean, but ensure that all bins are emptied, the floors are mopped, and the space is generally tidy for your customers.

In terms of the showers, toilets and changing rooms, these also need to be cleaned daily, and any carpeted areas should be vacuumed every day. The carpets should also have a deep clean every few weeks due to the high-foot traffic nature of a gym.

Like many other commercial spaces, gyms must be kept in a very clean condition all year round. If they aren’t, and your customers begin to notice dust, grime and stains on the carpet, it can put them off returning, and they may switch memberships to a gym that is a nicer space to work out in.

What areas of a gym should be cleaned regularly?

All of the areas of a gym should be maintained. However, key areas to focus on are the toilets, showers, changing rooms, entryways and the floors of the gym themselves. Everything should be swept and mopped or vacuumed, dusted and cleared of any rubbish.

Cleaning is a great time to check on your gym equipment too. It is a good time to organise weights so that people can access them easily. Take a look at the machine and ensure everything is in good working order, and of course, ensure no one has stuffed any rubbish down the back of a machine instead of using the bins provided.

A gym needs to be a clean, fresh and calming place, so it must remain clean all year round. Daily cleaning of your gym can keep it pretty clean, but it will still require a deep clean every fortnight to ensure that all bacteria and viruses are removed.

Why is it important to clean a gym?

There are many reasons why cleaning a gym is very important. The first one is that no one wants to work out in a dusty and dirty space. This can often make your customers feel very closed in and can actually raise stress levels. A clean gym promotes a calmer, more relaxed atmosphere that allows people to focus on their workouts.

Another reason why it is a good idea to clean your gym is because of bacteria and diseases. As you know, most gyms tell people to wipe the equipment down after use, and many people wipe it down before they use it too. You may not know why this is, though. This is because sweat carries bacteria and germs, and if a gym is clean, these germs can make their way around a gym very quickly and easily. As gyms are warm and the air is moist, it is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and viruses from the germs spread around from people just trying to enjoy their workout. So, the reason we clean gyms is to ensure that germs do not affect anyone using your facility.

Commercial gym cleaning services in London

Cleaning Express is an award-winning cleaning company based in London that offers a host of cleaning services for commercial properties, including gyms. We can take care of all of your gym cleaning services, from regular, daily cleaning to deep cleaning.

Their cleaners can come to your gym at a time that suits you and your customers, and we’ll ensure our cleaning services do not impact the running of your gym, even if it is a 24-hour facility. We are here to ensure that your customers can workout in a calming, stress-free and clean environment and that they are perfectly safe from germs and bacteria while exercising in your gym.

You can find out more about our gym cleaning in London by visiting the Cleaning Express website or by giving our lovely call centre staff a ring. They will talk you through all the options your gym has for staying on top of your cleaning, and our cleaners can be with you as quickly as tomorrow.

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