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#BoyfriendAir: How to Get a Comfortable Nights Sleep in a New Relationship?

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Valentine’s Day has gone, and some new couples may have just gotten together around the day of love. But couples who have been together for a long and short time will recognise the new theory trending on TikTok all too well. That is ‘Boyfriend Air’. 

The theory has taken TikTok by storm, with the hashtag #boyfriendair racking up 30.3 million views (and counting) from people who relate. So, to help, the bedroom experts at Happy Beds can reveal everything you need to know about this mysterious new theory.

What is ‘Boyfriend Air’, and is it a real thing?

Sleep psychologist at Happy Beds, Dr Katherine Hall, explains the ‘Boyfriend Air’ theory and discusses some of the strange things TikTokers have noticed that happen after spending just a few hours with your partner:

“TikTok users say that before they leave to see their partner, they look their best and have their hair and makeup done. But after spending time with their other half, they feel that their hair has become greasy and their makeup has completely disappeared or smudged. 

“It also refers to feeling like once you are comfortable with your partner, you start to feel like you put less effort in around them and don’t look your best.”

Over 30 million people have experienced ‘Boyfriend Air’ – here’s why

Interestingly, Happy Beds have discovered that 93% of those watching videos relating to ‘Boyfriend Air’ are between 18–24, showing Gen Z is once again driving a trend that people experience first-hand. 

Dr Katherine explains: “It is something that many people can relate to, which is why it is likely going viral on TikTok. But there is an explanation behind it. When you get comfortable with someone, you naturally gravitate closer to them and spend more time in closer proximity.”

“This, combined with spending more time in the bedroom, means that those who wear makeup will find it smudged, and your hair might begin to feel greasier as your other half is more affectionate and touching your hair more often than you would realise.”

Five tips for a comfortable night’s sleep in a new relationship

For those in a new relationship or who are sleeping over at their partner’s house for the first time, sleep psychologist, Dr Katherine Hall, has further explained the science behind why you might feel tired all the time: “The increase in ‘love’ hormones such as dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin boost our mood so significantly that it almost stops us from sleeping.”

“Those in love or starting a new relationship might report being unable to sleep because they are wide awake, and it’s because of the chemical changes in your brain”. 

If this is you, here are our top five tips to ensure you sleep comfortably in your new environment while cherishing all those love feelings.

Go to bed earlier

By going to bed earlier, you’ll have more time cosying up next to each other, which means you may fall asleep earlier in the night, resulting in more sleep.

If you know you both have to get up early for work the next morning, there’s no harm in jumping into bed that little bit earlier to give yourselves more chance of longer sleep. 

Relax around your new partner

It may be easier said than done, but you don’t need to be worried about falling asleep next to your new partner. They are in your life for a reason, and the more you start to relax, the better night’s sleep you will get.

You don’t need to worry about getting up early to put your makeup on and jump back into bed before they wake up! Your partner loves you for you, and going to sleep with someone is a very intimate thing. So try to relax, and you will find your sleep more fulfilling. 

Compromise with each other on the sleeping environment

When sleeping at someone else’s house, they may not have the same bedroom and sleeping conditions as you. You need to communicate with your partner and try to make sure the room is as dark as you are used to or a similar temperature to how you like to sleep. Try to compromise with each other on this, as it will be much better for you both if you’re not sleep-deprived each morning. 

Sleep at your new partner’s house as much as you can

It’s natural to feel like you can’t sleep in someone else’s bed, as your brain (subconsciously) can interpret the new environment as stressful and is looking out for threats.

If your brain prioritises safety, it won’t be as focused on sleeping because it’s preoccupied with keeping you safe and, therefore, not allowing you to fall into a deep sleep. This stage will pass as you sleep at your new partner’s house, so it’s a good excuse for more sleepovers.

Remember, it takes time to adjust a sleep schedule

Sleep is a huge part of our health and well-being, and a lot of us already have a pre-existing sleep schedule that we are used to and that works for us. So, it’s hard when sleeping next to someone else for the first few times as our body might not be used to their sleep schedule, and vice versa.

You will both likely not want to sleep much during the early stages of a relationship, so enjoy this and don’t put too much pressure on yourself to have a set bedtime routine. Short 20-minute naps can help your body feel rejuvenated if you struggle to sleep at night.  

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