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Combining Treatments: Benefits of Diverse Approach to Xanthelasma Management

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Xanthelasmais a yellow growth on or by your eyelids’ corners. It does so near the nose and tends to be harmless, although it is a sign of high cholesterol. Besides that, it can be a sign of thyroid problems or diabetes. The risk factors of this yellowish-growth include but aren’t limited to the following:

  • High blood pressure
  • Being overweight
  • Liver disease
  • Family history 
  • High bad-cholesterol levels

Overlooking is dangerous because you can develop cardiovascular complications or atherosclerosis. Fortunately, you can manage the growth using medication. In most cases, the specialist will recommend the diverse or multimodal approach to manage the condition because it is beneficial in the following ways:

Addressing underlying health concerns

Using this approach helps in addressing underlying health conditions that might have not manifested yet. This entails combining various approved treatment methods to address it. The common components in this approach include lifestyle changes such as following a healthy diet that will reduce harmful cholesterol deposits in your cardiovascular system. 

It also includes exercising regularly and avoiding destructive habits like smoking or other substance abuse. The specialist also recommends the use of topical treatments like xanthelasma eye cream. Besides that, they incorporate cholesterol-lowering medication. 

Enhanced treatment efficacy

The multimodal approach also enhances treatment efficiency in various ways. For starters, each treatment targets the different aspects of xanthelasma. This approach also has synergetic effects as the medication can work in tandem. As a result, you will be reassured of the specialists handling the condition, which goes along way in getting better. Italso allows you to take part in the treatment, empowering you with a sense of ownership. 

Personalised treatment plans

In addition, the diverse approach allows healthcare providers to develop personalized treatment plans. By doing so, they will be able to assess factors like severity, size of the deposits, and where they are located. While at it, the specialist will assess your medical history and lifestyle preferences and customize your medicationto deal with the growth. This approach also helps in getting treatment combinations that you are comfortable with. However, note that the healthcare provider must determine whether topical treatment or surgery would be best. 

Long-term management and prevention

This medication approach also helps with long-term management and prevents the growth from recurring. This is to address the underlying health conditions that caused xanthelasma in the first place. For instance, you will develop a habit of exercising regularly, quitting substance abuse, and eatinga heart-healthy diet. Managing the risk factors will also prevent future complications such as kidney failure or heart attack. 

Improved patient satisfaction

The diverse treatment, including topical medication such as xanthelasma eye cream, improves customer satisfaction. This optimism can be attributed to the comprehensive treatment you will receive. Individualized care and active involvement can also be attributed to improved satisfaction. And since the growths can cause self-esteem-altering cosmetic concerns, the multimodal approach will improve satisfaction because you can be assured of proper management. 

Xanthelasma is a concern because it is a sign of a serious underlying health condition besides causing a cosmetic impact. Additionally, it has the potential for recurrence, which can be costly. That’s why dermatologists and ophthalmologists use diverse approaches to manage it. The approach comes with the benefits you have read here.

Ellen Diamond, a psychology graduate from the University of Hertfordshire, has a keen interest in the fields of mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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