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Combining the Best of Both Worlds: Walk-In Tubs with Showers Explained

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Seniors are more prone to falls due to age-related challenges like reduced mobility. That’s why it is important to protect your loved ones. Falls in the bathroom are more dangerous as they could lead to death. Bathrooms are slippery. So you must consider a fall prevention plan to keep your elderly loved ones alive.

Part of the plan should be to look for the best walk-in bathtub for seniors from a trusted company. A walk-in tub with a shower is suitable for people with mobility challenges. It has a water-tight swing door that offers a low entry threshold for users. With this home modification, seniors shouldn’t lift their legs over high bathtubs. In this article, we delve into discussing these tubs and their impact on the safety of seniors. 

Understanding the appeal of walk-in tubs with showers

The dual functionality makes walk-in tubs with shower very appealing to many people. 

Users get to enter and exit the tubs comfortably as they are safe and accessible. They have a built-in door and low step-in threshold to reduce the risk of falls or slips. 

Key Features of Top Walk-in Tubs With Shower

Top walk-in tubs with shower offer therapeutic benefits to promote the users’ well-being. The hydrotherapy jets in the interior release pressurized steam for body massage. Also, the tubs come in different sizes. When buying one, check the size of the available space to avoid crowding your bathroom.

Things to consider when purchasing a walk-in tub with shower

Here are factors to consider when buying a tub for your beloved senior.

  • Door design and sealing mechanisms. You want to ensure the tub is accessible, safe, and does not have water leakages. An inward swing door ensures that there is enough space in the bathroom. On the other hand, an outward swing door allows easy access for seniors. You can get a tub with magnetic seals, as they can securely close the door to avoid leakages. Doors with compression seals also use rubber gaskets to make a waterproof barrier.
  • Tub depth and seat height. You must check the tub depth and seat height when buying walk-in tubs with shower. If you get a deeper tub, it can offer your senior to enjoy a more immersive experience. For the seat, ensure it has a comfortable height so that your senior can easily sit and stand.
  • Showerhead types and adjustability. Ideal walk-in tubs with shower offer a versatile and comfortable bathing experience. A handheld showerhead is flexible and accessible. The user can detach it from the holder and direct it to where they want. Ensure the showerhead is adjustable by height to allow the user to direct the water where needed.
  • Anti-slip flooring and handrails. When buying a walk-in tub with shower, ensure it cannot cause accidents. It must have an anti-slip flooring material. The floor and seat should be covered with slip-resistant patterns and textured surfaces. It should also have strategically positioned handrails to aid the user’s mobility.
  • Ease of cleaning and maintenance. Ensure the tub’s surfaces are non-porous so they don’t accumulate soap scum, dirt, and grime. It should also have easy-to-reach areas to easily access while cleaning. To maintain its appearance, ensure it is stain and scratch resistant.

Comparing cost: from budget-friendly to luxurious models

  • Budget-friendly models. They have a simple design with fewer features – ranging from $1,500–$2,500.
  • Mid-range models. They offer enhanced comfort, additional features, and better materials – ranging from  $2500–$5000
  • Luxury models. They have premium materials, extensive customisation options and advanced features. Luxury models are durable as they are not likely to experience wear and tear – ranging from $5,000–$10,000 and above.

Reviews of leading walk-in tub with shower brands

Kohler. Users prefer it for the hydrotherapy jets, adjustable seating, and safety features. Experts recommend it for its functional excellence and aesthetic appeal.

American standards. Preferred by users because of its safety features, customizable features, and therapeutic options. Experts recommend it for being committed to making the bathing experience comfortable.

Frequently asked questions

  • How does the installation process work for these tubs? The installation process varies depending on the layout of the bathroom and the model of the tub. You should get professionals for smooth installation.
  • Can existing tubs be converted into walk-in tubs with showers? Yes. You can convert it by including a walk-in entrance and shower functionality.
  • What are the water usage implications of these tubs compared to traditional tubs? Walk-in tubs have smaller capacities to hold water. They don’t consume much water as people use them while seated instead of being fully immersed.
  • How long is the typical lifespan of a walk-in tub with shower? Generally, a properly made and well-maintained walk-in tub with a shower can last up to 10–20 years.

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