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College and Health: Problems Students Often Face

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There’s something about youth that makes us feel indestructible. Some of us in college or post-graduation go about every day, having zero qualms about pushing ourselves beyond our limits. Irregular schedules for meals, unhealthy snacks, sleepless nights, and binge drinking- these are only some of the things we tend to do on a weekly, if not daily.

As a result, our bodies end up folding in on itself. We start getting illnesses, pains, or aches that no healthy person our age should have. Here are a few health problems and the ways we can remedy them.


Headaches are easy to contract, and there are about a million and one reasons why students get headaches regularly. A few causes to note are fatigue, improper lighting when reading, and spending too long staring at phone or computer screens.

Most of the time, headaches aren’t any cause of worry. Depending on the situation, it’s best to get some shut-eye and drink pain medication.

Colds or flu

Perhaps the most common and easiest-to-contract health problems are colds and flu. Regardless of the time of year, be it flu season or not, some students have either colds or the flu. As easy it is to get sick from these, it’s also quite easy to prevent ourselves from getting sick as well as treating ourselves without our doctors.

A few ways to prevent ourselves from contracting colds or the flu are regularly washing our hands, wearing face masks, and avoiding contact with people who are sick from either illness. If we’ve contracted it, it’s best to drink plenty of warm water, rest, medicate with cold medicine, and take Vitamin C.

Back pain

Back pain is one of the most common health problems that students face. A few causes of back pains are sitting and studying in incorrect positions, carrying heavy course books around campus, over-stressing bodies due to physical activities, and not taking care of one’s nutrition.

Treatment of back pain may vary, but we may find that over-the-counter (OTC) painkillers and muscle relaxants can reduce the pain in a short while. In Pleasant Grove, it’s also possible to avail of massage therapy after getting the green light from our primary physicians. It can help in addressing the problem.


Students of any year, but most especially freshmen, encounter stress overload daily. It can be the result of having to adjust to a new environment and new workload. If not managed properly, stress will lead to poor sleeping and eating schedules, poor grades, and, at worst, a slew of mental health problems.

While there’s no easy cure for stress, the best way to remedy it is through R&R. As much as possible, students should dedicate at least a few hours, if not a full day, to academic breaks.

Go out and enjoy the campus, meet up with friends, or watch that movie or TV show you’ve been meaning to watch for quite some time.


The ‘broke college student’ stereotype has perpetuated the notion that to afford anything in college, we must first sacrifice one of our needs. A case in point is healthy food.

Often, this is false, considering that purchasing weekly groceries and prepping for the week are more affordable than regularly eating takeout and fast food. It may take a bit of time to prepare, but we’ll be better for it since we’ll get the nutrients we need to improve our health and stay healthy.

We may be young, but we are still susceptible to health problems like the ones mentioned above. If we wish to have the best college experience, we’ll need to pay closer attention to how we treat our bodies.


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