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7 Coliving Spaces for Creative in Expensive Cities

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Coliving is the new solution for Gen Z to many housing problems. It is similar to the traditional idea of roommates but with a modern touch. It is a kind of affordable housing sharing with voluntary like-minded people living under the same roof. This helps with the problem of expensive rents and the shortage of apartments in big cities. Young professionals migrating to a big city are often choosing coliving these days in the beginning.

Coliving is a kind of a concept and can be set up in many types of residential places. 


There are lots of options available for coliving now in the expensive cities of the US. Coliving NYC offers many of these options.  Below are some of them:

  • Urban apartments. The easiest and most common type of coliving space is urban apartments. The tendency of coliving is most in the urban areas and big companies are now investing in this. They are turning apartment buildings into affordable and convenient coliving places. The younger crowd prefers these the most. These have individual rooms and common areas like the kitchen and living room. 
  • Digital nomad. This type of coliving is attached to a coworking space. These are for international travelers who generally work remotely through telecommunication from a different place to earn a living. Many companies provide stays at the most popular cities in the world for digital nomads so that when they travel internationally they can stay with the same brand’s rooms. 
  • Hotel: A hotel is a new way of coliving and many hotels are branching out by offering coliving spaces to their customers. This can be a little bit expensive as hotels offer many services that normal apartments don’t offer regularly. A hotel generally has some common and shared spaces and the idea is to expand the common spaces, giving individual rooms to the people for a longer time than anticipated for a person staying in a hotel.
  • Backpackers’ hostel. This is also a comparatively new idea of space for coliving. A bunch of students might prefer a hostel for coliving together. In the expensive cities, these hostels get regular customers but there are particular seasons in the year when the influx is higher in number. 
  • Villas. Villas are expensive coliving spaces because they normally offer swimming pools, gyms, etc. Some of the villas are not luxury villas and they offer regular coliving space like any other property. Not many students choose luxury villas and working professionals are more into these kinds of coliving spaces. 
  • Single family home. A big family house can sometimes be turned into a coliving space. The rooms are given to the individuals the common spaces are for everyone to use. This is a fairly less popular way of coliving.
  • Motel. Sometimes even motels offer coliving spaces for their travelers and people choose this as it is economical for them. Motels offer their regular services to their coliving space. 

There are other types of coliving spaces in the big cities of US like:

  • Student dorm. Many of the student dormitories offer coliving space when they are well designed to keep rooms and common areas separate. 
  • Remote travel programmes. There are some travel programs available that offer this for a particular amount of time like 3 months or 6 months. With these programs, you will be traveling from one place to another and will be living in coliving spaces wherever you stay. The booking and tickets are included in the program charges. 
  • Coliving retreats. This is an expensive choice and these offer you luxury treatment. You can choose a retreat based on your work and they will provide you with a coliving space and people that suits your need of retreat. 

There are different types of people wanting a coliving space having different needs in cities like New York, San Francisco etc. Coliving NYC might see these types of people.

  • Community seeking
  • Cost-conscious
  • Business traveler 

Coliving is flexible with dates, comes with a short-term agreement, and is supposed to end the feeling of urban loneliness. There is a feeling of community and cooperation and also no drama of real estate agents. The idea of coliving is convenient for students or single individuals in a big city. Coliving is getting popular as new generation students and working professionals prefer remote, reliable, and peaceful working places with like-minded people to blend in.

Ellen Diamond did her degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh. She is interested in mental health and well-being.

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