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Award Winners COECT Host Vital Conference

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News Release, (2021, November 3). Award Winners COECT Host Vital Conference. Psychreg on Society, Politics & Culture.
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The Centre of Excellence in Child Trauma (COECT) is delighted their hard work is championed, winning the ‘Wellbeing Award’ at the National Children and Young People Awards.

Upon winning, the award givers highly praised the organisation: ‘This is an impressively innovative organisation committed to helping foster and adoptive families to stay together. Experts by experience act as advocates and a voice for children, and are a growing movement that is making a real difference, impacting outcomes and changing lives. Truly inspirational!’

COECT are hosting a vital conference called ‘Chaos to Cake‘, with the aim to educate therapeutic parents, teachers, social workers, and foster parents on how to approach children dealing with trauma. Taking place on Friday 19th November 2021 at the National Conference Centre, Coventry Road, Solihull. The conference will be available in person and over a video conference call for those who cannot attend in person.

The conference name ‘Survival Strategies for Therapeutic Parents – From Chaos to Cake’ was chosen due to the demand from therapeutic parents for easy access strategies to help them reduce stress levels and improve the lives of children in their care. Therapeutic parents care for children who suffer, or have suffered, trauma and their resulting behaviours can be exhausting, relentless and difficult to understand. 

The Centre of Excellence in Child Trauma provides important support to these parents through:

  • Meaningful listening
  • Access to support groups
  • Simple, effective, tried, and tested strategies 

A programme has now been set in place for the event, with many speakers including author and therapist Sarah Naish and psychotherapist Sarah Dillon. 

A representative of the conference shares: ‘We are so excited to share such diverse support strategies with therapeutic parents, social workers and managers at this year’s conference. This ranges from identifying and managing violence, with pointers about where to go for help, right through to practical tools such as our behaviour management programmes, and ways to help parents feel less isolated.’

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