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Cleaning Experts Share ‘1-Hour Spring Cleaning Challenge’

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News Release, (2022, May 11). Cleaning Experts Share ‘1-Hour Spring Cleaning Challenge’. Psychreg on Positivity & Lifestyle.
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Daily Poppins, a UK-wide cleaning expert, has recently started a campaign encouraging their customers to participate in a ‘1-Hour Spring Cleaning Challenge‘. With an hour being added onto our days because of daylight savings, Daily Poppins has suggested using this time to keep your home looking fresh and vibrant throughout spring.

The owner of Daily Poppins, Nigel, has recently said: ‘Endorphins are released by cleaning. These endorphins trigger a positive feeling throughout your body and alter your perception of pain. Research indicates that regular exercise reduces stress, decreases anxiety, and helps prevent depression.’

‘This campaign aims to create a happier feeling in the household by encouraging family members to challenge each other by recording their time. It can be a great way to encourage younger family members to take part while teaching them important values of cleaning up after themselves.’

‘We have had great positive feedback from our customers who have begun making this ‘1-Hour Cleaning Challenge‘ a regular activity for everyone within their households, saying that the one extra hour during spring is being used positively.’

With the success and positive feedback taken from this spring challenge, Daily Poppins would love for you to share the details of our latest campaign to gain some shareability with those struggling to keep their homes in order! 

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