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Senior GP Urges Brits to Clean Their Masks Properly to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

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Just 13% of reusable face mask wearers are washing them frequently enough and in the right way, according to a recent study by YouGov. Face masks become ineffective if they aren’t clean, so it’s vital to strip them of germs regularly.

Dr Roger Henderson is now calling on Brits to take their mask care seriously in order to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Henderson, a senior GP and regular broadcaster explained: ‘We have all become used to wearing a mask but unfortunately this is not going far enough. 

We know that out of respect for the environment many Brits have turned to reusable masks, but the research shows we aren’t cleaning them properly. To prevent the spread of COVID-19, Brits need to commit to a regular wash schedule to ensure safety.

The doctor explains, however, that it’s not simply about washing your mask more often. Depending on how sophisticated your mask is, it may have specific wash instructions that need to be followed to ensure it remains effective. 

Rory Donnelly, clinical research director of Copper Clothing, has seen a large demand for the company’s copperinfused face masks since the start of the pandemic. He stressed the importance of cleaning the masks in the correct way so as not to compromise the quality. 

Donnelly commented: ‘Our masks are popular because they have been proven to destroy 99.99% of Bovine coronavirus (part of the same family of viruses as COVID19.) However, we are always clear with our customers that for the masks to stay efficient they need to be hand-washed in distilled or cooled boiled water once a week or after 30–40 hours of wear.’

Many Brits are unaware that most specialist masks cannot simply be thrown in the washing machine with the daily laundry due to the sensitivity of the filtration systems. 

Donnelly explained: ‘Tests have proven that our masks have a 99% filtration efficiency making the mask equivalent to KN99. To retain that efficiency, you have to hand wash and not use any washing liquid or detergents to avoid blocking the filters within the mask. ‘

DR Henderson continued: ‘We are a generation of unpack and userarely checking the package for instructions. But we can’t afford to do that during this pandemic. If Brits have paid the money for specialist reusable masksit’s worth putting in the time and effort to keep them working. Especially as experts continue to push for people to use higher-quality masks.

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