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Clarkes Carpets’ Underlay for Saint Francis Hospice

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With not much else to look at during the lockdown other than the confines of our homes, the need to refresh our decor suddenly became more apparent. 

Tim Clarke of Clarkes Carpets decided to use the sudden boom in business to Saint Francis Hospice‘s advantage. Tim set up ‘Clarkes Cause’, and kindly decided to donate 1% of each sale to the charity.

‘While 1% might not sound like much, with the margins we work at, that easily turns into £5 or ten £10 each time,’ he explained.

The family-run business has been serving interior decorating enthusiasts in Romford and the surrounding areas since the bold interior design trends of the 1960s. 

‘For 52 years, the community has been fantastic to us,’ Tim revealed. ‘It’s only fair that we also put something back in by supporting a charity that we and future generations will benefit from.’

With the Hospice’s funding taking a real hit from the coronavirus pandemic, it was the thought of it not being here that drove Tim on.

‘The Hospice needs us now more than ever,’ he emphasised. ‘It would be a tragedy if it ceased to exist. The frontline has been particularly pressured for the Hospice’s nurses throughout the outbreak of COVID-19. Unless we’ve been there ourselves, we don’t quite know what they’re going through. So it’s a nice feeling that we’re helping them as well.’

Tim’s now encouraging other companies to join him in helping the Hospice get through the pandemic.

‘Just come up with something; the Hospice is desperate for your help,’ he said. ‘It doesn’t have to be what we’re doing, and I guarantee that your customers will be right behind you. When we mention to ours that some of their money is going to Saint Francis Hospice, they’re absolutely thrilled to be part of it. The goodwill in the community is fantastic, and it makes you feel great too.’

Thank you to everyone at Clarkes Carpets for raising an incredible £3,934.80 so far!

There are many ways in which your company can help secure the future of Saint Francis Hospice. If you’d like to find out more about how you and your colleagues can do something incredible for local people living with life-limiting illnesses, while having some fun along the way, then the team would love to hear from you at corporatefundraising@sfh.org.uk

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