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Research Reveals Which Cities Work Most Hours Per Year

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A further 13% of Brits feel exhausted all of the time, a quarter (25%) feel tired most of the time, and a third (33%) feel knackered around half of the time. 

With that being said, online language platform Preply has researched the countries across the globe which work the most hours per year. The average number of working hours in London, UK is 2,003, but how do other cities compare?

They are coming in number one, as the city works the most hours in Hanoi, Vietnam, with citizens working on average 2,691 hours, or 10.5 hours a day. Mexico City, Mexico, came in second place as the city which worked the longest hours, 2,622 in total for the year. 

The report also revealed the busiest cities globally by scoring the cities out of a possible 70 on a number of factors from working hours to number of gyms and universities. 

The top 10 cities were:

Mexico City, Mexico 69.6
New Delhi, India68.9
London, UK67
Jakarta, Indonesia 66.5
Bogota, Columbia65.9
Moscow, Russia62.7
Tokyo, Japan61.5
Manila, Philippines 58.8
Berlin, Germany58.3
Seoul, South Korea 57.9

The scores were calculated by scoring the following factors out of 10.

  • Largest populations 
  • Longest average working hours
  • Average hours of sleep 
  • Number of gyms
  • Number of universities 
  • Number of entrepreneurs 
  • City attractions 

The data revealed that Mexico City, Mexico, is officially the busiest city globally, with a total score of 69.6 out of 100. With a population of 12,294,193, the Mexican capital has 1,777 tourist attractions, including The National Palace and The Metropolitan Cathedral.  

New Delhi, India, scored second place with a total score of 68.9 out of 100. New Delhi is a particularly busy place to do business, with 19,000 entrepreneurs found in the city via LinkedIn. 

London, England, scored third place, proving to be the busiest city in Europe with a total score of 67 out of 100. The English capital has more gyms and fitness centres than any other city globally, with 331 places to work out across the city. 

London also boasts an impressive 8,197 attractions and is home to 20,000 entrepreneurs. While the data has shown that London is a bustling city, the citizens of the big smoke are treated to 28 days of paid annual leave per year – one of the highest numbers of days off that workers are entitled to in the world.

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