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These Are the Cities Most Likely to Be Hit by Blue Monday, New Data shows

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Google searches for “Blue Monday” have seen a 374% increase in the last week, averaging 14,000 in the past month, as the people of Britain try to preempt the low mood of the most depressing day of the year.

According to new data analysis undertaken by wellness brand, Goodrays, there are cities across the nation that will feel the mental trough of Blue Monday more than others.

Indexing a range of contributing factors such as lack of daylight, weather conditions and stress levels, the cities most likely to be affected by the blues are revealed.

Scoring full marks across the board, Leeds is the city most likely to feel the brunt of Blue Monday this year, followed by Glasgow and Manchester.

Edinburgh is likely to see the least daylight, with an estimated seven hours and 23 minutes. This is followed by Glasgow (seven hours and 24 minutes) and Newcastle (seven hours and 35 minutes) 

However, Leeds is predicted to experience the coldest Blue Monday, with an average temperature of 3.3 degrees. While Southampton is likely to be the warmest, still at a mere six degrees.

Glasgow and Manchester are expected to add a bit of dampness into the mix, with a 55% chance of rain.

Commenting on the link between daylight hours and low mood, founder of Goodrays, Eoin Keenan, said: “It’s not news that the shorter daylight hours of this time of year correlates with reduced levels of melatonin and serotonin in the human body, i.e. our sleepy and happy hormones. It makes the brain more susceptible to seasonal depression (SAD) and low mood in winter.”

“The analysis of weather predictions and stress has allowed us to index the places more vulnerable to these conditions and can help people across the nation decipher where they need to make a more conscious effort to practise self-care this January.”

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