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How to Build a Circle of Friends That Will Lift You Higher

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Friendships are an important part of our social lives and they can directly influence your mood and the way you feel. As a matter of fact, some friends can make you more optimistic and productive. You can easily identify those people by remembering your last couple of meetings. If you went back to work or home smiling and feeling positive, those friends are keepers and you should spend more time with them. So how can you actually create a circle of friends who will be a positive influence in your life?

  • Recognise the toxic friendships –  When you lead a busy life, spending your precious time with friends who make you feel exhausted and down every single time you see them is simply not worth it. Surely, not everyone is capable of being happy and positive all the time but toxic friendships will always leave you wondering why you even try to hold on to those people. If a particular friendship is draining your energy, it is time to leave it behind. There are probably more people in your life who deserve more of your attention.
  • Work on yourself  –  Being the best version of yourself is important for your mental health. If you are always feeling down, the chances are you will attract the people that might not be the best influence in your life. So start by changing your outlook on life and take small steps. If you are out of shape, sign up for a yoga class and start from there. Daily activity will lift up your mood and make you more positive. Or try to learn a new skill or a new language. When you start working on yourself, you will be more present in your life which will improve your existing friendships and make you a better person.
  • Branch out – As we get older, making new friends might seem like quite a task so we tend to stick to the same old people. But going out of your comfort zone and engaging with those around you is the thing to do if you want to grow as a person. Optimistic people are everywhere and you can strike a conversation with someone who seems positive and fun. So next time you are in a gym, don’t hesitate to approach an acquaintance and engage in exercise-related topics.
  • Stay connected  If you want to have a circle of friends, you need to be connected. This means that you have to be engaged in the friendship so stop waiting for them to call and invite you out; be active and message them first when you feel the need to see a new movie together or even ask for assignment help. Work on building the friendship and invest your time in it. Be there for them even when things go bad and give your full support.
  • Go offline – Social media is a wonderful invention but it can make us feel stressed.Therefore, going offline and spending time with your friends can do wonders for your personal growth. Forget about binge watching a show on Netflix and sign up for a class together. You will be able to exchange ideas, learn something new, and socialise with other people which might eventually lead to a new member (or members) of your circle of friends.

Going offline and spending time with your friends can do wonders for your personal growth.

Finding the right people to spend your time with is quite simple: if you feel incredibly blessed to have someone in your life, they are the ones who will always be by your side. So make sure you remind them often how much you appreciate your friendship because this will help strengthen your relationship even more.

Of course, don’t expect that everything will be peachy all the time because we all go through different phases. If your friends are supportive, understanding, and optimistic no matter what, they should be in your circle of closest friends. They can help you develop as a person and motivate you to work harder at reaching your goals. Plus, you will always have a crew of cheerleaders who believe in you and your abilities. So surround yourself with positivity and you will see a huge improvement in your mental health and the quality of your life.

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