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CIEH Urges Inclusion of Environmental Health in Response to Plaid Cymru’s Manifesto Plans for Public Health

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CIEH welcomes Plaid Cymru’s commitment to develop a “preventative public health strategy” following the launch of their 2024 General Election Manifesto, emphasising the need to include environmental health perspectives as part of its development.

CIEH wishes to highlight their manifesto request that coordinates with this commitment while urging Plaid Cymru to include environmental health voices in the development of any public health strategy.

CIEH has been consistent in calling for environmental health professionals to be included in the creation of all public health development plans and consultations in the next UK parliament. Our member’s strategic oversight and expertise in the public health benefits of environmental health are invaluable. Plaid Cymru’s commitment to rebalance resources must translate to increased funding to support regulatory and environmental health functions in local authorities. Our members working in local authorities were key in fighting the largest public health issue of our time, Covid-19, and despite playing a unique and often hidden role within preventative public protection, their role is essential in controlling infectious disease outbreaks.

Plaid Crymu’s manifesto made a variety of further pledges that echo CIEH’s manifesto. Their commitment to reaching net zero targets as well as their commitments to address water pollution are welcomed environmental pledges. Similarly, their pledge to support long-term plans to improve energy efficiency in homes echoes what our manifesto asks.

Louise Hosking, executive director of environmental health at CIEH, said: “Guided by our newly created Public Health Advisory Panel, our members are key in providing unique and local perspectives on promoting preventative public healthcare. It is for this reason that the development of any public health strategy should lean on their knowledge and expertise.

“We welcome this commitment and urge Plaid Cymru to recognise environmental health’s role in guaranteeing the UK’s public health.

“We continue to call on all parties to commit to supporting environmental health and the policies in our manifesto.”

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