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Chronic Living Conference at Copenhagen, Denmark

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Please find details of an upcoming conference on Chronic Living below. We look forward to seeing as many people as possible from around the world. A number of travel bursaries will be available (details will follow). We are committed to making Chronic Living accessible and accommodating to all who would like to join us. See you in Copenhagen in April 2020!

Chronic Living: An international, interdisciplinary conference on vitality, quality and health in the 21st century
23–25 April 2020
University of Copenhagen

Keynote speakers:

Over the past century or so, daily living has emerged as both object of knowledge and site of intervention. Individuals and communities are encouraged to live well and adopt healthy lifestyles by adjusting daily routines and practices, not only to prevent illness, but also to improve well-being and ‘quality of life’.

Moreover, just as epidemiologists, patient associations, governments, international organisations and pharmaceutical companies highlight that more people than ever before are living with (especially chronic) disease throughout the world, these conditions have come to be assessed in terms of consequent constraints, limitations, discomforts, sufferings, isolations and/or apprehensions which are seen to impinge on and shape daily living – mundane activities of parenting, work, eating, socialising, bathing, exercise, and more – in profound ways. Many of these constraints are exacerbated by an appalling and stratified lack of access to services, support and treatment, nationally and globally.

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