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Chronic Back Pain During the Pandemic – How to Manage it at Home

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The pandemic and subsequent lockdowns have impacted the physical and mental well-being of people. Stress is rampant as work from home takes a toll on the body and mind. You will probably feel the pressure of long hours and the wrong posture on your back. Missing out on your regular physiotherapy sessions can make things only worse. But you can still manage chronic back pain at home, even without taking painkillers and risking doctor visits amid the surging virus waves. Here are some tips you can follow to keep your back pain under control.

Maintain the right posture 

A long year of WFH is the most common cause of widespread back pain issues in the pandemic year. The best way to deal with the concern is by maintaining the right posture, specifically if you need to sit for long hours. Investing in ergonomic home office furniture is a good decision. Look for one that offers lumbar support and keeps you comfortable throughout the day.

Take breaks and stretch 

While maintaining the right sitting posture is an effective preventive measure, taking regular breaks from work is crucial. It restores circulation and relaxes the muscles in your back area. Get up every couple of hours and take a short walk around the house. Simple stretching exercises will do wonders for your body and brain. Start your day with a session and indulge whenever you can.

Look for a supportive aid

A supportive aid for your back stabilises it and reduces discomfort even after long hours of sitting. You can try Back Kinesiology Tape for effective support because it also improves your posture. Since you get pre-cut variants, the tape is easy to apply and use. It is less cumbersome and more convenient than aids like lumbar belts and support braces, so you can rely on it for lasting pain relief at home.

Try heat or ice

If you are looking for a quick-fix for chronic back pain at home, try heat or ice for relief. You can pick either, depending on the cause of the pain and the remedy that works for you. A heating pad is ideal for stiff and tight muscles, while an ice pack relieves soreness and inflammation. Experts recommend that you must take the heat or ice treatment only for a maximum of twenty minutes at a time.

Keep a check on your weight

Staying at home has contributed to unprecedented weight gain for many. Indulging in heavy meals and missing out on exercise may have added extra pounds and inches on your body, and your back bears the brunt. Set your weight loss goals and implement a strict diet and exercise plan to stay in shape. Optimal weight and an active lifestyle will curb back pain naturally. You will probably not have to do anything else.

Dealing with chronic back pain can be a struggle, particularly when you cannot seek a therapist’s help or medical assistance. Just follow these measures, and you can get through even as you have to manage it at home.

Ellen Diamond did her degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh. She is interested in mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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