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Christopher Richard Brand a British psychological and psychometric researcher who gained media attention for his statements on race and intelligence and paedophilia.

Brand is a proponent of IQ testing and the general intelligence factor and was “a major influence in the spread of influence of inspection time as a theoretically interesting correlate of psychometric intelligence”, according to Ian Deary and Pauline Smith in the International Handbook of Intelligence, edited by Robert Sternberg. Deary and Smith report the correlation of inspection time with psychometric intelligence is currently considered to be .4. The 25th anniversary of the original discovery of this relationship was observed in 2001 by a special issue of Intelligence. Confirmation of Brand’s claim of a specially high IT/IQ correlation in the low-IQ range was provided in Tucker-Drob, 2009, Developmental Psychology.

Brand went to Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School for Boys, and is a graduate of University of Oxford, and a 1968–1970 Fellow of University of Oxford. He was a Lecturer at University of Edinburgh, from 1970 to 1997, teaching in personality, psychopathology and philosophical problems and researching in factorial psychology. In the 1980s he served on the United Kingdom’s Council for National Academic Awards. His 1996 book The g Factor garnered considerable media attention with its claim that inherited general intelligence was like psychological money. Brand wrote that general intelligence is an important factor in determining life outcomes for those with lower scores. He attributes socio-economic differences among people of African descent to differences in general intelligence.

Brand is a Fellow of the Galton Institute. From 2000 to 2004, Brand was a research consultant to the Woodhill Foundation and its CRACK programme based in Baltimore, Maryland, which pays drug-addicted mothers $200 to be sterilised. His recent thinking can be sampled via his reviews at Amazon Books, his articles in American Renaissance and The Occidental Quarterly, his (co-authored) chapter ‘Why ignore the g factor?’ and his decade-long blog (‘IQ & PC’). His defence of Hans Eysenck (in a review of the biography Playing with Fire) was published in the journal Intelligence in 2011.

Brand has three children and has been married to his third wife since 2001.

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Published: 07 September 2015

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