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Christmas Stress: Expert Reveals How AI Can Help Brits This Christmas

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According to the findings from AIPRM, 1 in 6 Brits who celebrate Christmas (15%) intend to use AI to plan their itinerary for the big day this year. 

A further one in six (15%) also plan to use the bot to help them improve their Christmas cracker banter in 2023, admitting they’ll be asking AI to help write their Christmas cracker jokes.

The study also revealed that almost 1 in 6 (14%) Christmas-loving Britons will be looking to AI for inspiration when constructing their heartfelt festive wishes and using AI to help write cards, emails, or Christmas greetings for loved ones. 

Interestingly, earlier in the year, even Moonpig expressed interest in using AI to create messages for its cards.

Comparatively, the tasks UK adults will be least likely to be turning to AI software to help with were found to be cooking or planning recipes (10%) and planning the month’s itinerary in the lead up to Christmas (10%).

When quizzed on their top reasons for turning to AI for assistance in the run-up to Christmas, AIPRM found that almost half of those who plan to do so (49%) said that they find it saves them time during the busy festive period.

Meanwhile, just over a third (35%) of respondents want to use AI this Christmas due to their curiosity of how the bot can help them from day to day.

Christoph C. Cemper, the founder of AIPRM, explained: “The recent growth in the popularity of AI has been no secret and has been at the centre of much debate for some time now. Despite this, people across the globe are embracing the technology and finding it useful for a plethora of tasks, be it in their working or personal lives.

“It’s great to learn more from our survey about how Brits will be using AI for a variety of tasks this festive season, whether it be to plan their itineraries, create Christmas shopping lists, or even write cards and messages to loved ones. This curiosity amongst the nation when it comes to AI and how it can benefit our day-to-day lives is great to see, and there really are no ends to the benefits it can deliver.

“With Christmas being one of the busiest times of year for so many of us, we’d encourage as many people as possible to give AI a try and see how it can help them in aiding and streamlining their festive to-do list, be it time saving, cash saving, or just general creativity.”

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