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Cheers for Christine Packer – Saint Francis Hospice Story

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With multiple health conditions, Christine Packer has been in the wars of late. A much-needed boost came in the form of a £1,000 win on Saint Francis Hospice’s Lottery.

‘It cheered me up no end,’ she revealed. ‘As a community, we must do our bit to support the Hospice and make sure that it’ll always be there for us when we need it. They look after people so well, and that’s what people really deserve.’

Christine plans to help her son with her winnings.

‘He’s going blind and had to give up his job caring for the elderly, so he hasn’t got much money,’ she said. ‘We can clear a few bills and put the rest towards spending Christmas together.’

Every week, someone will win £1,000 on Saint Francis Hospice Lottery. The rollover prize can reach a whopping £25,000.

If you’d like to be in with a chance of hitting the jackpot, while doing something incredible for people living with life-limiting illnesses, you can sign up for our Lottery here, for less than £5 a month.

For more information on how our Hospice’s Lottery works, please see their FAQs


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