Chris Dewberry


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Chris Dewberry is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist and Lecturer in Organisational Psychology. He is the Course Director for the University of London postgraduate External Programme courses for which Birkbeck is the lead college. These courses include Postgraduate Diploma’s and MSc’s in Organisational Psychology and in Human Resource Management.

He earned his BA Psychology (Honours) at Pylmouth University in 1977, and his PhD at University College London in 1986.

His teaching responsibilities are in the areas of personnel selection and assessment and research methods. His main research interests are in the application of social-cognitive theories, and theories of self-regulation, to the study of individual differences in proactive cognition, decision-making, and action control. He is also interested in how theory and research in this area can be applied in the in the context of personnel assessment, selection, and development. Recent outputs include a singled authored book, Statistical Methods for Organisational Research: Theory and Practice; and articles in Personality and Individual Differences, and the International Journal of Selection and Assessment.

Credits to Birbeck, University of London

Published: 17 March 2014

Last update: 15 July 2018

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