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Choosing Right Child Psychologist: 10 Questions Parents Should Ask

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Many families are unfamiliar with the world of child and adolescent psychological health. It can be confusing to try to navigate it. It can be difficult to decide if your child would benefit from therapy and then find the best treatment. It is also hard to know who to trust with their child’s wellbeing and whether the treatment will work. You will be better equipped to ask the right questions and to know what to expect from a psychologist.

Many times, friends, family, and schools will recommend a child psychologist to their children based on their professional or personal experience. Referring by word of mouth is a great way to find out the psychologists in your area and what their experiences were like. However, it is also necessary to consider your own child’s differences and different needs in seeing a child psychologist ensure that you see someone who is best suited to your child and their difficulties, to provide the best possible care.

These are some of the things that a person might want to do during the first consultation.

  1. Find out what certifications the psychologist has. You should also ensure that the psychologist is licensed by the state.
  2. Ask the psychologist about their interest and experience in the field. This will help you determine if the psychologist is the right person for you.
  3. Learn more about the treatment plan. Do you only offer consultations or do the psychologist use other methods?
  4. What is your experience and training with working with children?
  5. Is your child comfortable with the psychologist? Are you sure they will be a fun person for your child? Learning new skills does not have to be hard work. You are the best person to know your child and should speak with prospective psychologists before making an appointment for your child.
  6. Is the language used by the psychologist easy to understand for you and your child? Effective communication is essential for us. There should be no big words that make you and your child feel confused or even more vulnerable.
  7. Does your child radiate warmth and empathy? You will need to be able to talk to your child without fear and judgment for them to make progress and get the help they need. You can’t expect your child to feel safe enough to ask for their help if they don’t feel the warmth you feel.
  8. They will listen if they are willing to. This is one thing you should consider. It’s not enough to talk, talk and talk. You won’t feel like your voice is being heard.
  9. The best psychologist for your child will depend on the way they work, their psychological approach, and where they work.
  10.  How much does it cost?

When choosing a psychologist for your child’s therapy, don’t worry about how many letters are after their name. It’s more important to choose a psychologist who is kind and will listen without judgment and will give you the information and tools that will help you navigate through any moment of difficulty.

Dennis Relojo-Howell is the managing director of Psychreg.


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