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Light Therapy Leader Lumie Launches Unique Children’s Sleep Aid

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Light therapy specialist Lumie is launching a unique children’s sleep aid today. Lumie Bedbug is an innovative bedside lighting product that promotes a calm bedtime and good night’s sleep for babies and young children.

Lumie Bedbug is unique because it uses low-blue light LEDs that are non-alerting at bedtime; unlike standard lighting, Bedbug’s light does not suppress the sleep hormone melatonin because it includes only negligible amounts of the blue part of the light spectrum that is known to be stimulating.

Bedbug is a 3-in-1 product that combines a reading light with a sunset feature and nightlight. The fully adjustable low-blue light allows for a level of brightness that’s comfortable to read by without stimulating your child. The 15-minute sunset is perfect for then creating a gradual transition to night that can either fade to off or to a reassuring orange nightlight which has two light intensity options. The light control is smooth and silent so you can easily check on your child without disturbing them.

Lumie designed Bedbug at its Cambridge-based headquarters based on scientific research and in consultation with children’s sleep expert, Sarah Ockwell-Smith:

Sarah explains that ‘most nightlights that parents use in their children’s bedrooms are bad for sleep, because they inhibit the release of the sleep hormone melatonin. By incorporating sleep-promoting low-blue light, Lumie Bedbug can have positive effects on sleep at any age, from birth right through to school age, while also providing a cute and reassuring bedtime friend’. 

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