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Children’s Book Week: Experts Reveal the Best UK Destinations to Visit Based on Your Favourite Book Genre

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In recent years, the UK has seen a surge in “staycations” – holidays spent closer to home, exploring the rich tapestry of experiences available right on our doorstep. This trend, spurred further by the global pandemic, has led to a renewed appreciation for the UK’s cultural and literary heritage.

A recent survey conducted by TLF revealed that 27% of Brits consider arts and culture a top priority when booking a staycation. With Children’s Book Week (6th–12th November) around the corner, it’s a perfect time to merge the love for books with travel.

Sally’s Cottages, in collaboration with primary school book providers Madeleine Lindley, have crafted a guide for families to explore the UK based on their favourite book genres. This initiative isn’t just a nod to the literary heritage of the UK but also an invitation for young minds to interact with books and places in a new, exciting way.

A picturesque journey in the Lake District

The Lake District, known for its stunning vistas, has been a muse to writers like Beatrix Potter and William Wordsworth. The region is now spotlighted as the go-to destination for enthusiasts of picture books. The World of Beatrix Potter provides a whimsical gateway into the storybook world, allowing children to immerse themselves in the colourful narrative amidst the real scenic backdrop.

History comes alive in York

York, a city steeped in history with its ancient walls and Clifford’s Tower, is earmarked for young readers fascinated by historical tales. The city’s libraries and the Jorvik Viking Centre are among the treasures that offer a hands-on experience of England’s rich past.

Fairytales unfold in the Cotswolds

For children enchanted by fairytales, the Cotswolds, with their thatched cottages and rolling hills, offer a real-world storybook setting. The area has also been a source of inspiration for famous writers like J.M. Barrie and Lewis Carroll.

Mystery awaits in Edinburgh

The eerie allure of Edinburgh, with its cobbled streets, holds a special charm for mystery book lovers. As the world’s first UNESCO City of Literature, it offers a treasure trove of literary landmarks and historical mysteries waiting to be uncovered.

Fantasy beckons in Glastonbury

Lastly, Glastonbury, known for its Arthurian legends and the mythical Isle of Avalon, beckons young fantasy readers. The iconic Glastonbury Tor provides a picturesque backdrop for tales of wizards, dragons, and magical quests.

The collaboration between Sally’s Cottages and Madeleine Lindley Ltd is not just a clever marketing strategy; it’s an invitation to explore the rich tapestry of the UK’s literary heritage in a novel way. Sarah Pring, the Digital PR Manager at Sally’s Cottages, expresses hope that the guide will inspire holidaymakers to immerse themselves in the UK’s amazing cultural heritage.

Children’s Book Week is not only a celebration of books but also an acknowledgment of how literature and places can spark imagination, adventure, and new experiences. The curated list of destinations based on book genres presents an exciting opportunity for families to engage in literary tourism, fostering a deeper connection between stories, places, and young readers.

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