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CLEVERWORLD Launches Free Well-being App for Families and Children

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CLEVERWORLD, a leading app production company, founded by Adam Green, Clenet Verdi-Rose and Alexandra Skaltsounis, has launched a free new app called Calm Kingdom.The app supports and helps children aged twoseven years to build stable, emotional foundations through creative mental and physical exercises, which have been designed to support their growth into mentally healthy adults.

This highly creative, interactive and easy to follow app helps teach children to deal with the ups and downs of life through calming mental direction and playful physical activities hosted by a cast of animals. Levels include reptile relaxation, bird breathing, sloth stretches, and monkey moods.

Recommended by mental health experts the world over, journaling is considered one of the healthiest habits for a lifetime of mental hygiene. For children who have not yet learned to write, the Calm Kingdom journal lets children draw pictures and record their own voice to express thoughts and feelings.

They can also leave messages for their parents and guardians, encouraging communication, and connection with those they love.

The Calm Kingdom app also includes a parent portal, which enables parents and guardians to be involved in and observe their child’s journey through the kingdom. This is not a social app it is available to only the child and parent and therefore provides a worry-free place for children to explore and express, in complete safety.

Adam Green, founder of CLEVERWORLD, said: ‘Mindfulness is an important strength for children to acquire. While they may not always be able to articulate it, children are picking up and internalising the stresses around them. Calm Kingdom is all about equipping children with fun tools and techniques that can be useful right now in preparing them for adolescence and their future adult lives.

‘Knowing how parents and small children are being particularly challenged in these strange and difficult times, it is our heartfelt belief that by offering the Calm Kingdom app, free of charge, we will provide some enjoyment and life enrichment to families spending more time than usual together.’

Adam added that: ‘We’ve definitely needed some bird breathing and sloth stretches ourselves. Stay safe and stop by for reptile relaxation anytime.Your Calm Kingdom awaits.’

Calm Kingdom is one of the educational apps from CLEVERWORLD that includes art and music as well as a book series based on the adventures of a cat called Six. It is available on iOS and Google Play

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