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The reason your level of brilliance is not related to being an adult. It’s no doubt that we become more experienced as we grow older and our ability to take the right steps depends on how educated we are. But this is always not the case. There are situations where the way we develop naturally removes our curiosity and enables us to know the proper step to take. Kids of different age groups educate us on several life lessons if we are prepared to pay attention, observe and reflect on how they can be employed in our lives.

The best approach is honesty. Have you ever been in a situation where a familiar kid told someone ‘that wasn’t good’, ‘I hate your shirt’, or ‘I don’t prefer that type of food’? The natural response is to silence the kid and inform them how bad those comments are but in reality, they are only being honest. Kids always react to every wrong deed and comment about how bad it is, but grownups simply watch things happen from afar instead of adopting a firm position or rarely make a statement.

You need to perceive if your harmless lie is usually required or perhaps an act of integrity is the proper policy.

 It’s fine to reveal emotions. Children shed tears. They violently step on the ground and shout with joy and energy. Although it is socially inappropriate for grownups to violently step on the ground whenever things don’t work out, but periodically releasing obvious joy can be liberating. Try hopping vertically and scream for joy when faced with a joyful event. Try to also shed tears when anyone or anything make you feel sad or unhappy. You can violently throw a pillow when lonely, to feel liberated. It is usually very liberating to release your emotions and move forward to handle something else.

You reserve the option to question this. The conventional school system educates you on everything that should be learned and examine your knowledge afterwards. Kids who question this system are usually seen impolite or disobedient, but the most effective thing that can be done might be to question this system. Don’t presume that your insufficient knowledge is the reason behind an unfavourable situation.

Endeavour to question and make inquiries, research, discover the real fact rather than accepting what you are told without proof. Kids usually get criticised for raising questions, but one of life’s most valuable gifts is gaining knowledge and understanding.

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Fun can be an effective learning approach. Grownups are required to be determined. Life is loaded with many serious activities such as your daily routines, home cleaning, bill payments and different locations to be. At a particular age, life events become a progression of tasks. It is usually strange and senseless to catch fun and laugh. It’s time-wasting but laughter has proven to have an overwhelming outcome. A very effective approach to learning something is to enjoy it. Games that involve team development at off-sites are usually dependent on this principle. The level at which you enjoy or participate determine how better you can understand and learn something from it. Try to discover fun wherever you find yourself.

Be enthusiastic: have you ever discovered a kid who is passionate about riding a horse or playing soccer such that they are usually left outside in the yard till the close of the day? Kids who are passionate about Legos or developing are ready to invest a lot of time by simply putting the proper piece together. Kids who are passionate about animals will be ready to spend more time with an injured pet while cuddling and speaking gentle words to the animals. ’Enthusiasm is what revolves the world.

Kids are ready to participate in what they are passionate about without disturbance except they have been previously hindered from doing it. Discover something that you love so much and remain determined in it. The more you feed your passion, the more you will also receive from it.

You can’t employ the use of Google for: ‘What is the reason the sky is blue?’, ‘What is the weight of an elephant?’ Things that can be learned from the internet are usually limited as opposed to learning practically. The kitchen’s scientific tests, uprooting backyard rocks, exploring the possibility of flying the bicycle over high gravel and trying to be sure if you can create a handstand or not are an entirely practical approach.

Grownups usually grow weary and no longer investigate, but depend only on online news to discover different happenings. Come out of your comfort zone and learn. Get involved in new world occurrences and participate in activities that will trigger your physical sense. Google can’t have the knowledge of everything. Participate in life activities.

Rely on your instinct. Kids are naturally perceptive. It’s an uncommon adult who has no knowledge of a kid, but just dislikes something or someone by simply perceiving it to be challenging or difficult. Kids are naturally linked with the minds of others, nature, and animals. This instinct gets suppressed with time due to the serious activities they face in life. Concentrate on restoring your natural instincts. Try not to invalidate or overanalyse an event that might be perceived to be wrong. Respect emotions and investigate extensively.

Adults are responsible for the growth, development and the proper functioning of kids in life. Adults who can also identify the possibility of the kid being a teacher can as well develop new life approaches that can enhance their life experiences.

Amanda Jackson did her degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh.  She has an ongoing interest in mental health and well-being. 

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