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Childhood Dream Jobs in 2022: Over a Quarter of Kids in the US Want to Work in Healthcare

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The landscape of jobs is constantly changing. Many of the careers kids dream of today didn’t exist when their parents were young but which jobs are really at the top of kids‘ lists for when they grow up? 

To find out, The Ellie Sparkle’s Show surveyed 1,000 kids aged 58 across the US to find out what they dream of becoming when they grow up, how they want to work and why they want to do it. 

Since 81% of parents in the US said they regularly talk to their children about their career aspirations, the survey commissioned by the children’s entertainment show also asked 1,000 US parents what they dream of for their children’s future job roles.

Becoming a doctor, nurse, or healthcare professional tops the list of childhood dream jobs in the US.

When 1,000 kids across America were surveyed about their dream job growing up, over a quarter said they wanted to work in the health sector in the future. This was followed by becoming a teacher (16.5%) and a scientist (12%). 

TikToker, Youtuber or vlogger comes in 4th, above actors and police officers, which came 5th and 6th respectively. This is one example of a ‘dream job’ that would not have existed in previous generations. 

The same kids were asked what the most important thing is to them in their future career – 35% said helping other people, followed by 28% who answered having fun. 

88% of parents want their kids to prioritise happiness over earning money in their future careers

The survey also asked parents what they felt was important for their children to achieve in their future careers. The top answer was that parents wanted their kids to prioritise being happy rather than concentrating on how much they earn (88%), followed by wanting their child to help others (71%). 

While only one in seven (13%) children surveyed said making lots of money was their top priority when growing up, almost two-thirds of parents (65%) felt this is important

This was followed by 53% wanting their child’s future job to contribute toward protecting the environment and 43% saying they think it is important for their child to be able to travel in their future job

Parents have a big impact on their child’s future, as the survey also revealed that 60% of kids said their parents inspired them to pick their dream job. 24% also cited their favourite TV shows and films as their biggest career inspiration, 23% gave credit to their grandparents, and 22% said they were inspired by their favourite YouTubers. 

Nearly three-quarters of children surveyed said they want flexible working in their future job

The survey revealed that kids across the US wish to work around five hours a day, four days a week.

It is clear from the survey results that children are looking to the future with a different perspective than that of previous generations. 73% said they want a flexible working structure (allowing them to choose whether they work from home or an office), while over half said they’d like to work from home all the time – a concept that would not have been considered a few years ago. 

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