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How Does a Chi Machine Work and What Do People Use It for

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Chi is a concept that is translated to energy or life force. A chi machine is a device that can be classified in the medical assistance category that directly impacts the energy within your body. Here you will read more about how it works and what exactly it does for people who use it.

How it works

These machines help to loosen any energetic blockages you have in your lymphatic or meridian system. This is the system that is associated with nutrition and energy as it passes through your body, as well as the removal of waste from your body as well. A chi machine helps in that waste removal process, making it easier for your body to drain and be rid of that energy waste. The basic function of a chi machine is the movement of the body, vibrating your lower body. You will place your legs on the stirrups and lay down. The movement will promote circulation through your body, reversing the blood flow. When starting out, you want to use your machine for short periods, around 5 or 10 minutes to allow your body to get used to its movements. After each session, you also want to remember to ease back into your movements and not simply jump back up and go about your day. Doing so may negate some of the positive effects and outcomes associated with these machines.

Different uses and benefits of chi machines

There are many benefits that are associated with the use of a chi machine. Below are some highlighted aspects that many people find impacted in their body and mind, translating to both long-term effects and improvements, as well as more immediate changes. 

Reduced swelling

Using a chi machine can significantly help with reducing the swelling you may have in different parts of the body. As the movement in your body increases blood flow, you will find certain swelling to slowly reduce, as this is caused by blockages in your bloodstream from excess build-up and accumulation of blood cells and tissue. Swelling may result in bodily fatigue, or even pain, which is detrimental to your day-to-day functioning. Chi machines have been used to address swelling and pain associated with conditions such as fibromyalgia.

Pain management

Another benefit of using a chi machine is helping alleviate different types of pain. According to Kevin Lee’s Chi Machine Reviews, pain management is one of the biggest benefits that come from the use of such medical devices. The movement associated with such machines, as discussed, promotes blood flow. This helps to facilitate increased levels of oxygen throughout the body. That added circulation helps increase your movement, reducing general aches and pains that are often associated with inactivity or ageing. 

Helps improve sleep, reduce fatigue, and manage stress

As discussed, chi machines help with your circulation. Increasing blood flow and oxygen circulation helps your body in many ways. One way that impacts your body is through an improvement of your energy levels. Chi machines can significantly help improve your quality of sleep and relaxation, which also helps reduce your stress levels. This translates to your energy when you are awake and reduce your feelings of fatigue. 

Improve and regulate digestion

Chi machines can also help improve your digestive system and your ability to digest food. As mentioned in terms of the benefits of a chi machine to aid in circulation, your digestion will be impacted positively as well. This is because the digestive system is also affected by your blood flow, as are many systems in the body. When it comes time to digest food, your body is only as effective as its ability to circulate blood to where it needs to function, and a chi machine will ensure your digestive system is fully capable.

Impact on immune systems

Your immune system is affected by many factors. If your body is preoccupied with different pains and ailments, it is prioritizing healing and recovery. If your body is not getting enough blood to its extremities, it has to work even harder to pump that blood to all your limbs throughout your body. With consistency in terms of oxygen being pumped throughout your blood, your digestive systems fully functioning, and no pain to navigate, your body will be able to ensure that its immune systems are fully functioning and alert, protecting you from illness and diseases.

A chi machine can provide the human body with many benefits. In general, it promotes movements that easily promote multiple positive outcomes. Consider different aches and pains that your body goes through, and the fact that the movement through this device can only benefit it, and provides little in terms of danger, harm, or risk.

Adam Mulligan did his degree in psychology at the University of Hertfordshire. He is interested in mental health and well-being.

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