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True Story of Charlie Bronson: UK’s Most Dangerous Prisoner

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From a grim Divis Flats childhood to becoming one of the UK’s most dangerous prisoners, Stephen Gillen has had quite a journey.

Having spent his childhood in Northern Ireland, he was once regarded as Britain’s most dangerous man as he spent several years as a  prisoner locked up with the country’s most dangerous inmates like Charles Bronson. 

Bronson, now up for an unprecedented parole hearing in front of high court judges to win his freedom, has a long and intensely notorious history behind him. But what is the real story behind a man dubbed Britain’s most dangerous inmate who has been caged in a Hannibal Lecter-style cage for the last 20-plus years?

Much has been written, but now someone not only reformed but who was in 2019 nominated for an International Peace Prize and who was with Bronson in some of his darkest moments and himself named one of the UK’s most dangerous prisoners, is shedding a different unheard light on the truth behind the legend. Watch this amazing video going viral.

Stephen Gillen says about his beginnings: ‘While some people claim to have experienced an epiphany, the truth is that I have desired to leave that existence behind me for a very long time.’

He has spoken before on high-profile issues and is now seen as an authority on crime, punishment, and transformation. He has also received National & International Press in Newspapers and Magazines and is a public figure of consistent interest in the UK, US, and Ireland.

As of today, he has been featured in popular publications like BBC World News, Daily Mirror, British Film Festival, LBC News, DublinGazette, and The Maelstrom.

He is now ready, as Britains most dangerous prisoner is facing release or a lifetime behind bars, to tell the exclusive truth on Charles Bronson, his dangerousness, what he thinks will happen at the appeal, and some of the amazing and never-before-told tales of the man himself when they shared time in the UK’s darkest most secure high-security prisons and units. 

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