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Changing Attitudes: 1 in 4 Brits Says Yes to White Wedding Guest Dresses

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Wedding season is here, and as the wedding guest etiquette debates continue, the ultimate question every year still stands. Can you wear a white wedding guest dress to the big day?

A new study of 1,000 UK Brits by global fashion retailer PrettyLittleThing reveals exactly how current and future brides and grooms feel about it.

Gen Zers are the most accepting, giving the green light to wear white, with over four in 10 (41%) happy to embrace guests wearing white or ivory and over half (53%) saying the same thing about their wedding party too.  

On the other hand, over one in four (28%) of Millennials and 27% of Gen Xers remain against the white wedding trend entirely.

On the rising trend, Rima Barakeh, deputy editor at Hitched.co.uk, says: “White wedding guest outfits becoming more acceptable may have something to do with the fact that some brides are becoming less attached to the idea of wearing white.

“Wedding dress codes are also a growing trend, and with Instagram being the place to share wedding pictures, having white dress codes works well for aesthetically pleasing photographs.

“Having said that, we’d still consider wearing white to a wedding an etiquette faux-pas, and unless stated otherwise in the invitation or mentioned in a specific dress code, we’d steer clear of wearing white to a wedding.”

To help you say yes to a white wedding guest dress, senior stylist at PrettyLittleThing, Sophie O’Neil, shares four styling tips. 

Avoid floor-length

To dodge a wedding guest faux pas, always avoid a floor-length gown. Longer dresses should be reserved for the bride and bridal party only, and as a guest, your outfit should sidestep any upstaging suggestions and simply compliment, not clash.

Our study found that Gen Zers believe mini dresses are the most inappropriate outfits for guests (23%), so why not meet in the midi and take no chances?

Midi dresses are stylish and glam, with endless options. Choose a strappy figure-hugging bodycon for a scorching summer wedding, a breezy day, and a draped silhouette.

Add statement prints and patterns

If you’re unsure how the couple feels towards a white wedding guest dress and it isn’t specified in the dress code, use white as the base and play around with the pattern and print choices available. 

Floral prints are always a safe bet and a staple wedding guest choice. Not only do we love a print-perfect dress, but they also inject a pop of colour into your look, so you aren’t limited to one choice.

For a minimalist vibe and to avoid a colour clash with the wedding party or decor, why not adopt monochrome chic and incorporate stripes or polka dots?

Summer is the best time to play around with patterns and prints, so don’t feel limited when embracing a white wedding guest dress style.

Make a splash with coloured accessories 

The great thing about a white dress code is that it’s a blank canvas, allowing you to add your style and preferences. You can easily make a splash with some coloured accessories

Whether you’re a cool-toned girl or prefer a more dynamic aesthetic, there are so many ways you can make your mark with your jewellery or bag additions. 

The choice is yours, from a gold statement necklace to a bright orange mini bag or some subtle studs to a nude shoulder bag.

These heels are made for walking

Crocs or flip flops are the most inappropriate wedding guest outfit attire according to our study (40%), so heels are made for wedding walking.

As weddings can often last all day and night, stay comfy for the entire celebration with a pair of heeled sandals. Bright or neutral, laced or strappy, there’s a heeled sandal for everyone.

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