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Postdoctoral Associate: Chang Gung Medical Education Research Centre,Taiwan

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A unique and exciting opportunity has just arisen for a recently-graduated academic who wishes to gain experience living and working in an Asian culture. The Chang Gung Medical Education Research Centre (CG-MERC) in Taiwan has been established for three years and is now seeking to recruit at postdoctoral level researcher from a social science-related discipline to join the team. This permanent position offers the candidate possibilities to further their research ideas and leadership skills through development of successful internal and national grant applications (dependent on their current publication status) and of existing research programmes. CG-MERC is a multi-cultural research environment, we encourage applications internationally. Further information can be found below and additional information on the job specification can be found here

The CG-MERC has been established since October 2015. The research centre focuses on healthcare professions education in its broadest context and so includes all matters related to the development and support of healthcare professionals from their undergraduate years through their postgraduate and professional services work. The research context is highly translational, originating from a multitude of social science-related theoretical perspectives. The origins for research projects often lie in issues identified in the clinical education and service arena, which are then theorised, leading to fundamental research and eventually to redesign of educational practice. For the current range of subjects presently being studied please see our website.

The organisational and geographical positioning of the CG-MERC will provide unique opportunities for research projects that will make a significant contribution to the existing literature. First, because the existing researchers come from a range of social science and healthcare professional backgrounds and, second, because the vision is to produce research that seeks to build on, and complement, the existing medical education literature internationally with unique new viewpoints. National and local funding are available for healthcare professionals’ education research.

CG-MERC is set across three key geographic sites across Taiwan: Linkou, Keelung, Chaiyi and Kaohsiung. The postdoctoral researcher will be placed at the main CG-MERC site in Linkou, north of Taipei (commutable), and will work under the supervision of Professor Lynn Monrouxe (Director of CG-MERC). Depending on experience the researcher will have an opportunity to either lead or co-lead on research grant applications (national and/or local).

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