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CFP: Special Issue of the Journal of Health Psychology


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We are looking for submissions that take new directions in researching sexual health. We are looking for papers that use quantitative, qualitative or mixed methods approaches. We are particularly interested in papers that use novel methods, novel analytic techniques, further develop theory, focus on under-explored topics, or examine sexual health as it intersects with other areas of interest for health psychologists. We also interested in reflecting an international focus, and so welcome submission of manuscripts from researchers in different parts of the world. We are also interested in inter-disciplinary perspectives and collaborations.

Possible topics might include (but not limited to):

  • Social, cultural and structural determinants of sexual health
  • Sexual health of marginalised or oppressed identities (e.g. people with disabilities, transgender persons, refugees)
  • Living a fulfilling sexual life when living with chronic conditions (e.g. HIV) – Sexual coercion, discrimination and violence
  • Sexual health and well-being
  • Sexual health and sexual rights
  • Critical approaches to sexual health
  • The development of new, novel interventions for sexual health
  • The evaluation of interventions that improve sexual health

Please submit manuscripts to Journal of Health Psychology by 31 May 2017 at its submission portal at: https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/ jhealthpsychology If you have any enquiries regarding ideas for a manuscript, you may contact either Poul Rohleder (P.A.Rohleder@uel.ac.uk) or Paul Flowers (p.flowers@gcu.ac.uk).

Source: Journal of Health Psychology

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