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Centre of Excellence in Childhood Trauma Will Hold 2021 National Conference in November

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Studies show that a child is at a huge risk of developing mental illnesses following a traumatic event. About 25% who’ve experienced this have developed PTSD, depression or anxiety disorders. The founders of The Centre of Excellence in Childhood Trauma (COECT) recognised this.

With a passion for helping, the organisation decided to generate a national conference on 19th November 2021 in the National Conference Centre, Coventry Road, Solihull. The conference mainly aims at therapeutic parents, such as adopters, foster parents and supporting social workers, giving survival strategies that top tier experts suggest.

The conference title ‘Survival Strategies for Therapeutic Parents- from Chaos to Cake’ was chosen due to the demand from therapeutic parents for easy access strategies to help them reduce stress levels and improve the lives of children in their care.

Therapeutic parents care for children who suffer, or have suffered, trauma and their resulting behaviours can be exhausting, relentless and difficult to understand. An important part of the support of these parents by the Centre of Excellence in Child Trauma involves meaningful listening, access to support groups, and simple, effective, tried and tested strategies.

A programme has now been set in place for the event, with many speakers, including author and therapist Sarah Naish and psychotherapist Sarah Dillon, said: ‘We are so excited to be able to share such a diverse variety of support strategies with therapeutic parents, social workers and managers at this year’s conference.’

‘This ranges from identifying and managing violence, with pointers about where to go to help, right through to practical tools such as our behaviour management programmes, and ways to help parents feel less isolated.’

To book your place and find more information visit the website.

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