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4 Female Celebrities Who Sculpted Their Bodies with a Tummy Tuck

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Despite the prevalence of cosmetic surgery, both in Hollywood and elsewhere, celebrities have traditionally often kept quiet about their chosen procedures. As the world begins to embrace a more open and communicative approach to many issues, however, discussions about plastic surgery have become much more frequent.

Over the past few years, several famous faces have opened up about how their tummy tucks have transformed their lives. For some, the procedure has been a means to restore their pre-baby figures in order to boost their confidence while for others it was the final part of a restructuring process after opting to revolutionise their health with a gastric bypass. For many women, like these top celebrities, a tummy tuck can be the perfect solution to alleviate any body concerns.

1. Patricia Heaton

This beloved actress has appeared on TV screens for years in hits such as Everybody Loves Raymond and The Middle. While she has had a dynamic and successful career over the years, Patricia is also a mother to four children whom she delivered via separate C-sections. These operations took their toll on her body and she began to find it difficult to fit into the glamorous outfits that she was given.

Patricia has spoken openly about turning to cosmetic surgery to restore her physique after childbirth, opting for a tummy tuck to improve her stomach after having so many caesareans. While you might not have glitzy showbiz parties to attend regularly, a tummy tuck with our experienced surgeons at Vera Clinic can help to restore your pre-pregnancy body and recapture your confidence and sense of self.

2. Kim Zolciak

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Kim Zolciak, has always been refreshingly open about her appreciation for cosmetic surgery and her post-pregnancy tummy tuck was no exception. In fact, after she opted for the transformative procedure following the birth of her twins in 2014, the mother of six even posted before and after pictures to show her followers the extraordinary results of the operation.

Starting a family can be a joyous experience, but for some women, it can also make them feel like a stranger in their own body because of the changes that occur after the birth. These days, a tummy tuck like the one offered at Vera Clinic is the ideal way to contour your body when working out can’t help.

3. Kerry Katona

This musician and TV personality was first heard singing as a member of the girl band Atomic Kitten, but she has more recently been open about discussing her cosmetic surgery choices. Also a mother with four children, Kerry opted to have a mini tummy tuck to remove excess skin in 2016, which she complemented with a round of liposuction to fully enhance and sculpt her body.

Just like Kim a few years before, Kerry chose to share this information on social media and be transparent about her surgery with her fans. If you would like more detailed information about how a tummy tuck could improve stretched stomach skin, their consultants will be happy to brief you fully.

4. Sharon Osbourne

This famous family matriarch has never been one to shy away from discussing taboo topics, and she even documented her brave battle with cancer on the much loved MTV show The Osbournes. Unsurprisingly, she has also always been very open about her cosmetic surgery procedures and has described how she opted for a tummy tuck after her weight loss following a gastric bypass operation.

For many women, weight loss is a positive experience with great health benefits, but it can also produce loose skin. This can be a purely cosmetic concern, or it can also occasionally cause irritation. However, a tummy tuck is perfectly designed to remove excess stretched skin and restore your body.

Whatever your specific concern, schedule a consultation at Vera Clinic today to hear more about their tummy tuck procedure and explore their full range of cosmetic surgery offerings.

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