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Celebrating Neurodiversity Week with Divergence Supplements: The First Science-Backed Neurowellness Supplements for the Modern Mind

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In today’s high-speed world, where the average person switches tasks every three minutes and coffee and energy drinks are everyone’s go-to by necessity, Divergence Supplements is proud to introduce Gamma Focus, a groundbreaking step in the realm of neurowellness that promises more than just a fleeting boost.

Developed by in-house clinical nutritionist Lara Hughes based on research from world-leading neuroscientists, studies, and wellness experts, Gamma Focus is the first supplement of its kind, meticulously crafted to meet the multifaceted demands of the contemporary lifestyle. It’s not just about staying focused; it’s about maximising your focus and full potential.

In an era where the average human attention span is now less than that of a goldfish, Gamma Focus stands out as a game-changing option. The brainchild of entrepreneur Steph Hamill FRSA, the product is the result of exhaustive research, incorporating a blend of 27 naturally derived ingredients, including nootropics, vitamins, botanicals, herbs, and minerals, backed by clinical studies and meta-analysis. These components work in harmony to support cognitive function, energy, concentration, mood regulation, provide antioxidants, and lift overall well-being.

Unlike the fleeting rush of energy drinks or coffee that often end in a crash, Gamma Focus offers sustained energy and clarity. Imagine tackling your inbox, brainstorming sessions, and dominating the dreaded afternoon slump with unwavering focus and a balanced mood. More than a mushroom coffee, it’s like having a superpower, but one that’s available to everyone and doesn’t require a cape.

Early adopters describe Gamma Focus as “the upgrade my brain needed” and “like switching my brain from dial-up to fibre-optic.” While individual results may vary, the consensus is clear: Gamma Focus is changing lives, one sip at a time.

Divergence Supplements is celebrating Neurodiversity Week, which takes place next week from 18th–24th March, with a host of community-inspired events, including hosting insightful discussions at Soho House and The Century Club with fellow ADHD professionals, a workshop at the head office of TikTok and we’re also taking strides in Hyde Park on Saturday, 23rd March, for an inclusive Neurowalk walk in association with ADHD support organisations @neurodiversityweek, @adhdoers and @adhdspace, bringing neurominds together to spread awareness of neurodiversity.

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