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Celebrating the Hard Work and Sacrifices of Healthcare Workers

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For workers in the healthcare industry, the last couple of years has been tough. Between staffing shortages, consistent overtime hours, and the Covid pandemic, these professionals have sacrificed aspects of their personal well-being to ensure that patients receive the best quality care. 

Given that healthcare workers have given so much of themselves to their communities – sometimes even at the cost of their own physical and mental health – it’s only right that people make an effort to celebrate these individuals for their admirable work. Here are some ways that you can give back to the healthcare workers who bravely work to ensure that the public is healthy. 

Engage and celebrate during National Nurses Week

Ranging from 6th–12th of May of every year, National Nurses Week is a time that people celebrate nurses and their contributions to public health. The dates of the week are inspired by the birthdate of Florence Nightingale, who had an invaluable impact on the profession of nursing. Being aware of some of the different ways that you can celebrate National Nurses Week can help you decide how to show your appreciation in the coming year. 

Many different organizations hold events to honour nurses during National Nursing Week. To participate in one of these events, it can be useful to explore what organizations in your specific city are doing. By getting out and showing support at these events, you’ll help nurses feel appreciated for the sometimes stressful and gruelling jobs that they do. 

While organised events can be a fun way to celebrate National Nurses Week and show support to healthcare workers, it’s far from the only way. During this week, there are endless possibilities for how you can show nurses that you appreciate their work. You can do anything from baking cookies for all of the nurses at a local hospital to organizing a neighbourhood block party to celebrate nurses. 

National Nurses Week gives you the opportunity to get creative and give back to healthcare workers in a fun, novel, and fulfilling ways. 

Giving back to healthcare workers who have Impacted Your Life

Though it’s not always fun to think about, almost everyone has either had their own experience in a hospital or known someone else who has. During these stints in medical facilities, it’s more than likely that there were healthcare workers such as doctors and bedside nurses who had a positive impact on either your or someone you know’s life. Making it a point to bring these workers a gift can instil in them a sense that they are appreciated. 

Though many people understand that being a healthcare worker can be difficult, many are unaware of just how taxing these jobs can be. The effect that constant stress can have on both one’s physical and mental health can be devastating. These negative symptoms are exacerbated when one feels as if no one appreciates their sacrifices. You can ensure that a healthcare worker doesn’t experience this by making it a point to show your appreciation. 

Even small gestures can have an enormous impact on healthcare workers. Whether it’s a five-dollar gift card or flowers, giving back to healthcare workers who have had an impact on your life can be an incredibly meaningful way to give back. So make it point to show that you appreciate a nurse’s role in patient safety or a doctor’s role in helping a loved one stay healthy with a small gesture of appreciation. 

Express your gratitude with signs, stickers, and clothing

While there are a number of fun ways to go about showing healthcare workers that you appreciate them, a novel and unique way to do so is through the creation of signs, stickers, and clothing. By posting a sign in front of your house, throwing a bumper sticker on your car, or wearing a particular shirt, you can show healthcare workers that you’re a fan and an appreciator. 

These accessories can say things such as ‘I Love Healthcare Workers’ or ‘Healthcare Workers are Heroes!’ By expressing your thoughts in this way, healthcare workers who happen to be driving or walking their dogs will get a smile put on their faces. Though you may not always recognize when your accessories are making an impact, expressing yourself in this way allows you to reach more people without even having to try. 

Support the side hustles of healthcare workers

Though this may not be something that typically crosses your mind when thinking of ways to celebrate healthcare workers, supporting the small businesses and side gigs of healthcare workers is a great way to show your appreciation and support. 

For example, if you find that a nurse you know sells crafts online, you can show your appreciation by making a purchase and encouraging others that you know to do the same. 

A great way to find out about the side hustles of healthcare workers is simply by asking around. Sooner or later, you’ll be sure to find some small businesses that healthcare workers are involved in. By making it a point to support the different small businesses that healthcare workers have, you show them that you appreciate their contribution to society and all of the wonderful work that they do. 

To further bolster the entrepreneurial ventures of healthcare workers, post them on social media and encourage your friends, family, and acquaintances to support them as well. This effort on your part can have a huge impact on a healthcare worker’s life and make them feel like their work and sacrifices are being celebrated. 

Making healthcare workers feel appreciated

Given the substantial sacrifices that healthcare workers make to help patients and communities, it’s only right that the public celebrates these admirable individuals. By making it a point to show healthcare workers that you appreciate them, you can help them feel a sense of community and well-being.

Whether you organise a large-scale event or just make a small, but kind gesture, making sure to celebrate healthcare workers can have a significant impact on the way healthcare workers feel. 

Ellen Diamond did her degree in psychology at the University of Hertfordshire. She is interested in mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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