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Calmer’s Kindness Tips to Celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day

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Work-related stressthe ever on culture, and a hectic pace of life – it’s easy to forget to stop, to take notice and be kind.  Small acts of kindness can have a positive affect not only on those around you but also on yourself.  

To celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day Tania Diggory, founder of Calmeran award-winning training organisation working to empower good mental health in entrepreneurs, freelancers and business teams, shares her favourite kindness tips. 

Tell someone when you think positively of them

We’ve all done it, thought kindly of someone but not taken the time to actually tell them. Whether it’s appreciating the effort someone has made or simply thinking that they look nice. Express how you feel and see the difference it makes.

Consider your language choices

Do we ever consider how we speak to others? A small change in the language we use, for example rephrasing a negative comment into a constructive criticism can make all the difference.

Focus on areas of progress rather than failure, turn the ‘don’ts’ into ‘dos’ and in turn become more approachable, easy to talk to and kinder.

Take the time to listen more

We are all guilty of this, too much talking and not enough listening.  Stop. Take the time to listen. When asked your opinion pause before you speak and choose your words with positive intention. Being a kind and thoughtful listener can make a big difference.

Be kind to yourself

It’s important to look after yourself, if you are tackling an issue which you can’t resolve, share it, talk to others and ask for help and practice checking in with your own mental health. Join the Calmer Community for stress reduction strategies, techniques and insights to build healthy self-care habits that stick, and encourage a happier, calmer and kinder approach to daily life. 

For more kindness tips, have a read of Calmer’s blog on how to be more kind.

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