Cecilia Isabel Urrutia

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Cecilia Isabel Urrutia is in her final year as a PhD student at Middlesex University London. She is investigating attitudes and perceptions of infertility treatments in a Guatemalan population.

Her research explores why the people of Guatemala view infertility treatments and assisted reproductive technologies (ART) as taboo, and what consequences these views may have. The research also digs a bit deeper, exploring the different approaches towards ART in the indigenous Maya and Ladino communities of Guatemala. Indeed, some of this research has been  published at the Society for Reproductive and Infant Psychology (SRIP) 39th Annual Conference 2019 in London.

With interest in health and cultural psychology, she also volunteers to help with different cultural issues alongside several charities in the London area. At the same time as this, Cecilia Isabel works as a freelance academic at Middlesex University London.

You can connect with her on Twitter @Isabella_U3.






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