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CCR Trends Report 2022: Taking the Lead in Topicals

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CCR (Clinical + Cosmetic + Regenerative) is the biggest aesthetic conference in the UK showcasing the industry’s most innovative and effective technologies.

CCRs annual trends report and press conference discuss the medical aesthetics industry’s newest and most noteworthy trends in surgical and non-surgical aesthetics. ​

This year’s trends report paid attention to game-changing topical skincare.

Topicals taking the lead

Evenswiss, a cosmeceutical range powered by patented technology and six clinical studies, was selected for this year’s report.

Francesca White, beauty editor-at-large at Tatler Magazine, and Shannon Kilgriff, aesthetics journal editor and content manager, said: ‘An exciting array of non-injectable products that are sure to hit headlines this year.

‘An exciting new patented technology called Dermatopoietin is enhancing skincare results by up to 90% in two weeks. ​ By mimicking a natural signalling cytokine found in the skin, Dermatopoietin, found exclusively in Evenswiss skincare triggers a surge of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid production. Thanks to this, clinical studies have shown improvements in fine lines and wrinkles, skin density, under-eye bags, cellulite, and hair loss.’

Why it works

Conventional anti-ageing products are limited by the poor penetration of the skin barrier, and therefore, have minor effects on the dermis. ​ They include chemical penetration enhancers which can facilitate the penetration of pollutants and microorganisms into the skin.

Dermatopoietin is a first-of-its-kind technology that does not need to penetrate the skin in order to work. ​

The technology gives a message to outer skin cells which allows them to generate internal signals in the skin and trigger regeneration. This gives extreme and long-term results.

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