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CBD Without the Chemicals: UK Retailer Launches New ‘Pure’ CBD

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People who enjoy the purported benefits of CBD can now get their hands on cold-pressed products that don’t use chemicals and are entirely organic. 

It’s thanks to the cold-press extraction method, developed by British retailer The Good Level and its partners that cannabidiol (CBD) from the hemp plant avoids potentially harmful elements while at the same time delivering the full spectrum of touted benefits. 

CBD has exploded in popularity in recent years, and most products are classed as ‘novel foods’ under UK and European Union regulations. However, because cold-pressed CBD uses the most natural extraction process possible, it is not labelled novel. 

An expanding product range now encompasses everything from oils to moisturisers and teas, taken to help a range of ailments, including sleep trouble, anxiety and pains, and faster recovery from sports and skincare, to aid in the reductions of blemishes and wrinkles.   

Careful control of hemp, grown in Britain 

The Good Level, which operates an online store and a physical shop in London, created a 5% cold-pressed CBD oil that’s chemical-free and only uses extra-virgin olive oil sourced from various European countries. The company’s hemp comes from a British farm where it’s organically grown without the use of pesticides. 

‘CBD has been around for thousands of years, in its pure form, in Egypt, India and China,’ said Jonny Alberto, co-founder of The Good Level. ‘What we’re essentially doing is relaunching the product for the modern world.’

The company has a range of educational materials on its website to provide information about CBD and its uses to a public that may have little or no knowledge about the substance and its professed benefits. They conducted a nationwide survey of British adults to determine what people are thinking about CBD. Among its findings were:

  • A majority of both knew something about CBD products and their claimed benefits (53%) and would be willing to try CBD to help with ailments, sleep and other issues (62%). 
  • 10% had never heard of CBD, while 7% used CBD products, and 19% had no opinion. 
  • Just 4% falsely believed CBD is illegal in the UK

CBD: A recipe for success

The boom in CBD has led to different ways of using the products, and many people are now adding drops of their favourite CBD oil to various dishes they make and drinks. Popular choices for CBD additions include soups, curries and casseroles, and drops can be mixed in with a salad dressing, too, to give an entirely different flavour and experience

Drawing inspiration from CBD bars in such places as Los Angeles and Sydney, some mix CBD oil with mocktails providing the relaxation they need from stressful workdays but without the alcohol or killer hangover. Popular mocktails include Mai Tais, CBD Juleps, Hemp Hot Toddies, Gin and CBD Tonics and lots more non-alcoholic creations to help you unwind. 

Alberto said: ‘Cold-pressed provides the full spectrum of benefits people seek with quality CBD products, while the company can keep an eye on hemp farming because it’s done in the UK and not abroad. We’re controlling the quality through, from farming to the extraction process, because that’s what our customers want.’

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