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Why Put CBD Tincture in a Capsule?

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CBD tinctures are commonly obtained from high CBD strains of hemp, with around 70% alcohol, and are essentially used to aid anxiety or ease pain. Tinctures are beneficial, have an extended shelf life, and assimilate when put under the tongue. One can regulate the dosage by raising or reducing the number of drops taken.

The tincture is the outcome of soaking herbs in a liquid, ordinarily collected in a glass bottle with a dropper. For a long time now, organic tinctures have been manufactured by steeping plant material in alcohol. Another way of producing the tincture is by steeping hemp in a plant-based oil or other substances.

Suppose you seek a good and effective way to oral intake your cannabinoids in a clear pattern of undesired calories and unnecessary elements. In that case, CBD tincture capsules may be your answer. Often referred to as Canna caps, they have become a staple in the cannabis industry. They allow a harmless and efficient oral transmission method that can be dosed and optimally metabolised. Most dispensaries carry a variety of canna caps, depending on where you obtain them; they may vary in their potency and components.

Cannabis-infused capsules are an excellent DIY project for anybody looking for a safe, reasonable, and comparatively easy at-home infusion. The needed supplies can be obtained inexpensively, either online or at your neighbourhood wellness food and drug store. This DIY project takes a few hours and can be achieved in various forms, depending on whichever ingredients and accessories are available to you.

How are CBD tinctures made?

A CBD tincture is an alcohol-based extract. High-proof alcohol is generally used as a solvent to procure the natural compounds of the cannabis plant and is used in the finished product as well. 

CBD in alcohol-based liquids contains approximately 70% alcohol. Commonly, alcohol-based tinctures have an extended shelf life (3–5 years) but make a very bitter taste. To reduce the bitterness, tinctures are mixed with additives like vegetable glycerin, flavouring, or sweeteners. Some users supplement it with vitamins, herbal extracts, or supplements like melatonin, depending on the goal of the product.

How to put CBD tincture in capsules?

Ingredients and accessories required for Plain Jane CBD tincture capsule

  • 14 grams of cannabis – ground flowers
  • Half a cup of unadulterated extra virgin coconut oil
  • Half a teaspoon soy lecithin
  • Oven
  • 50 empty gelatin capsules – size 00
  • Capsule filling machine
  • Syringe: 10mm oral irrigators
  • A cooking pot with a lid
  • Glass bowl
  • Baking tray
  • A sheet of parchment paper
  • A piece of cheesecloth
  • One small bowl
  • A rubber band
  • A spatula


  • Step 1: Decarboxylation. Keep the oven preheated at 220 degrees Fahrenheit and use a grinder to grind the material and spread the grounds across the parchment paper put over a baking dish. It will require baking for approximately 30–45 minutes before achieving adequate decarboxylation. Once finished, pull the tray from the oven.
  • Step 2: Infusion. Fill the cooking pot 3/4 with water and bring it to a soft boil. Supplement with coconut oil and soy lecithin to the cooking bowl and fix it within the rim of the cooking pot. A few minutes later, they will meltdown. Add the finely crushed and decarboxylated cannabis. Stir the ingredients until everything is homogenous. Remove water from the cooking pan and add the oil mixture. Arrange the bowl back in the oven for an extra 30–45 minutes. Check-in a few times to stir if required. You may heat the mixture for longer if wanted. It may alter the strength of your resulting outcome because it will allow for further degradation of THC to CBN, a change distinguished to add a more sedating effect to your finished capsule.
  • Step 3: Filling caps. Until the oil is boiling in the oven, prepare the empty gelatin capsules and capsule filling machine. Now take the cheesecloth and settle it over the edge of the small bowl with a rubber band. When the oil is eventually perfected, lift it out of the oven and sift the oil through the cheesecloth and small bowl. Then, be sure to allow the oil to cool to a temperature less than 100 degrees Fahrenheit before progressing with filling the syringe. 

Gelatin capsules melt over the temperature of 100 degrees, ensuring that the oil is as cool as it can get before allowing it to solidify. Once the oil has lowered to the desired temperature, the syringe is filled with it. Once completed, use the directions on the filling device to seal each capsule. During this method, you may find that you have overfilled a few pills. Use tissues to wipe the leftover residue. 

The finished capsules are to be stored in a cool, dark place until you are ready to use them. If done correctly, this procedure will make around 45–50 capsules.


Dosing depends on three variables. They are decarboxylation, the ratio of oil to starting material, and the potency of the material. The simplest and most reliable way to examine the strength of your capsules is to take them to a lab for examination. 

Best available CBD Tinctures

  • Lazarus Naturals High Potency CBD Tincture
  • Veritas Farms Full Spectrum CBD Tincture
  • 4 Corners Cannabis Oral Tincture
  • Premium Jane citrus CBD tincture
  • RE: Botanicals Hemp CBD Tincture Full Spectrum


There is no right, one-size-perfect-for-all dose with CBD. The correct CBD dose you should take depends on many factors, including the delivery method, the specific nature of your symptoms, and your biology. For example, higher doses of CBD (upward of 600 mg daily) seem to be more effective in conditions such as epilepsy. However, low doses are known to be effective for anxiety. Research is beginning to show that there is always a sweet spot when it comes to dosing CBD: Consuming it in inadequate amounts may result in you feeling limited relief or side effects. 

More research is required to develop specific parameters for CBD dosing for different medical conditions. Until then, if you are consuming CBD tincture in capsules to reduce symptoms like pain, stress, insomnia, or anxiety, consider starting with a low dose and steadily increasing until you’ve found the optimal amount for you.

Helen Bradfield did her degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh. She is interested in mental health and well-being.

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