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Can CBD Oil Be an Alternative Treatment for Anxiety?

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CBD oils and tinctures are all-natural alternatives to heavy prescription medications often prescribed to treat anxiety. Every day, patients are diagnosed with anxiety disorders, and they need a healthier way to manage their symptoms. Many prescription medications provided for anxiety patients cause debilitative states and prevent the person from living a normal life. By reviewing CBD oils and tinctures, patients find a better option for great health and symptom management.

Controlling serotonin levels in the brain

Anxiety symptoms are often caused by depleted serotonin levels in the brain, and the person experiences a variety of symptoms. They could become irritated quickly, withdraw from others, and experience hopelessness. CBD oils and tinctures can increase the production of serotonin, the feel-good hormone, in the body and help the person feel energised and happier. The products control the major symptoms that the person experiences including anxiety attacks that could occur more frequently in social settings. Patients who want to learn more about treating anxiety with CBD oils can visit PurePlan.com for more information.

Discussing types of anxiety

There are many types of anxiety, and each type affects the person differently. For example, a person with a generalised anxiety disorder could experience social anxiety where they have negative thought patterns that suggest that everyone dislikes them. These feelings can become overwhelming for the person, and they will discourage the person from getting involved in romantic relationships and even shy away from friendships.

Getting a better night’s rest

Sleep is vital for everyone, and patients who suffer from anxiety have racing thoughts when they try to sleep. These racing thoughts lead to erratic behaviours and prevent the person from shutting off their mind enough to fall asleep. They may also have vivid dreams that can become disturbing and make them follow coping mechanisms to stay awake. The longer they are awake, the worse their health becomes. By taking CBD oils, the person could fall asleep faster and stay asleep all night.

Controlling PTSD symptoms

PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder causes flashbacks and makes the patient feel as though they are trapped in a memory about their trauma. They will experience night terrors because of the trauma and need counselling to find new coping mechanisms. Doctors will prescribe CBD oils to these patients and explain better ways to manage their stress levels and flashbacks. CBD can help them avoid these negative symptoms and help them live a more normal life.

Becoming more comfortable with social settings

By taking CBD oils and tinctures, people could find it easier to manage social settings. Typically, a person with anxiety will experience fear and even paranoia in social settings. They cannot get comfortable and relax unless they are around people they know well. They don’t handle crowds well, and they will avoid social settings where crowds are likely. By taking CBD oils, the person could relax more and have better experiences in social gatherings. They could also become stronger and more capable of generating conversations with others without sudden anxiousness.

CBD oils and tinctures produce positive changes in anxiety patients, and the products will not cause a debilitative state or get the person high. CBD is created from the cannabis plant, but it is stripped of all THC compounds. It gives the person the health benefits without the euphoric effects. It is a better way to treat anxiety instead of medications that make the patients sleep all the time and feel drained of all energy.

Tommy Williamson did his degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh. He has an ongoing interest in mental health and well-being.

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